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  1. 1988 is one hell of a year

    1. I hate it when... you can feel ppl staring at your acne/scars and then when you loook up they quickly look away. it drives me insane! they could at least be sly enough and look away before I look up. I just hate people staring at my acne/pigmentation/scars it makes me feel so self conscious!! AND INDEED.. all the time/money I've invested in trying to get clear skin ugh i dont even waNna think about it right now. ACNE SUCKS!!!!!! :/
    2. Hello everyone! I recently stopped taking my birth control pills and something very weird happened...I CLEARED UP!! It's been over a month and my skin has improved so much. its very odd because I assumed BC pills helps acne, NOT aggravate it. I was on reclipsen for over a year and I've always had moderate acne. A couple months back I was put on clyndamycin(sp) and I still had the stubborn blemishes! So i skipped a couple pills on accident and was no longer able to continue with the pack so I s
    3. wow thanks guys for all the informative posts! munchies are a HORRIBLE thing...cheeseburgers, snickers, and twinkies can't be good for the bod!y lo &l I never thought about the dehydrating effects of bud as well. Well again thanks everyone!! Dom
    4. thank you so much for the replies guys!!! and to anonymou5: thank u i never ever though about tar and toxins in the smoke and butane from your lighter eeeeek! :/ If I get clear after I quit I'm never touching the stuff again!!!! lol
    5. So I'm super happy that you have decided to quit! You may not like it at first (I went off cold-turkey, and became VERY grumpy), but just be patient and you'll see results soon! Good on you!
    6. So I've heard weed can mess with hormones. I'm getting sober, today is day 1. I've been smoking for 4 years straight every day an now its time to get clean. So I'm wondering if anyone can give me any web links talking about the correlation between marijuana and acne or if anyone who has quit smoking and noticed there skin cleared up. Replies are much appreciated!!!!! Dom
    7. thank u so much very for the tips!! Very helpful indeed
    8. Yea becca I'm just so glad we can come here and be here for eachother. acne has at one point in my life made me a recluse, that was about 5 years ago and it was horrible. Idk its just the never ending quest for clear skin..it seems impossible sometimes :( Despite the emo-nesssss try to keep your head up girl :) My friend-who also has acne- and I have come up with this theory that there is indeed a cure for acne but doctors wont tell us because they want everyone to spend money on the thou
    9. SERIOUSLY!!! I hate it! I try to stay calm but there's just always something to be done its ridiculous.
    10. I dreaded this day......the day my acne would start acting up again. I have been pretty much clear despite the "visitor of the month" zit & white heads for a year and a half but things are changing. I'm taking my first college semester of 12 credits this year and of coarse I'm stressing like crazy. Two cysts developed in a week and there not budging. I'm killing those things with cortisone shots on Monday and I see the derm on the 23rd. All i have is BP but i really dislike BP I find
    11. Thank you guys!!!!!!! Hopefully all goes well.
    12. Tomorrow I'm going for cortisone shots for two cysts i have right now. One is right above my eye brow and the other is on my cheek. I wouldn't usually go to these drastic measures but these things are huge and deep deep deep under the skin. I would imagine if i dont get the shots the cysts would stay on my face for a good month or so. So i'm excited but scared too because I've never had one done before and dont know what to expect and I'm TERRIFIED of indentation because the cyst on my cheek is
    13. so happy to hear you went to school and hung out with your friends thats always fun! :) well i hope things start to get better for you from here and remember if you need to vent this is the place! :) UGH I HATE POST ACNE MARKS!! theyre so so so frustrating because you dont have acne but it still kinda looks like it. it sucks major balls! lol I'm in the same boat right now no acne thank goodness but a butload of red marks. sadness...i'm using a murad product right now but its only been about t
    14. Hey JR, I'm so sorry your going through this. A couple years ago when i had severe acne i was going through the same exact thing so i know what your going through and its pure misery and despair. You feel like a circus freak or something because you feel so insecure and you cant stand to look in the mirror. & of coarse when your acne is at its worst you just cant seem to find anyone else with acne which makes it ten times worse...I'm not positive if this is how you feel but this is how i f