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  1. I used to colour my hair usually every month or so, just out of habit and boredom but I wouldn't colour it on accutane. Hair loss is a side effect so I don't know what the reaction to the chemical would be. I'm dying to dye my hair, I just don't want to find out what might happen. What I can tell you is that when I got my eyebrows waxed my skin RIPPED off. it was bleeding. I don't know how many layers must have come off. And that was only after the first month. So your skin will be very very sen
  2. Well, I am finally on my last month of Accutane. Between two bouts with bronchitis, and HBCU homecoming (no Accutane while drinking), and just being plain forgetful, I was left with almost 2 months worth of medicine at my last office visit. Doc told me to finish the meds, then come in for my scheduled blood tests. My skin looks great!! I've never had this many compliments on my skin. Friends who haven't seen me in a while say I'm glowing. I'm not pregnant or in love, so it must be the meds
  3. Thanks! I may check out the deep repair masque!
  4. Well, its been a minute since I checked in. I'm pleased to report that my skin has really cleared up. At month 4.5 and my skin probably hasn't looked this good since before puberty. Getting lots of compliments from old friends. As for side effects, everything is still dry. I don't think I ever invested in as much in as many moisturizers in my life. Cetaphil cream has been my go-to. Still using aquaphor on my lips. Keep a small tube in the car, each purse, living room, bed room -- just ca
  5. Forgot to mention the purging on my nose and chin. Was feeling rather bumpy with all the waxy stuff in the pores coming out. Didn't want to use Biore strips for fear of damaging the skin, so opted for an apple cider vinegar solution, 1 part ACV, 3 parts water, 2x day after I wash my face, then I rinse it off. Basically, the ACV is very acidic so I apply the solution with a cotton ball, wait for it to dry, rinse, moisturize. Works well, along with gently using my washcloth over these areas wh
  6. So, I'm on week 3. Pretty much average as far as the side effects go. Had a lot of peeling on my forehead last weekend, and I mean peeling as in "looks like you had a sunburn" peeling. This is likely due to me getting my hair dyed and fried (semi-permanent color, then blow dryed & flat ironed straight). Like many, my scalp is flaking ridiculously, however, like most Black women, I don't wash my scalp (hair) everyday so I'm removing the flakes with a comb and using jojoba oil to help the
  7. Thanks Eva2202! Adult acne is no joke. People tell me I look younger than I am, and I often wonder it its because of my pimples. I'll look up the blog you mentioned. Appreciate your support!
  8. Well, I moved most of my conversation over to the Accutane personal blogs, but I'll still check in here periodically.
  9. Thanks Jesoli! I waited so long to get on Accutane because I was concerned about the possible effects to my unborn children. IPledge scared the heck outta me! I originally considered it years ago, prior to IPledge, but that was when Dateline/60 Minutes aired the story about the son of a congressman killing himself while on Accutane. I wanted no parts of that. Well, let's just say my family plans have changed and after talking to a friend who tried Accutane in her mid-30's (she's now in h
  10. I. Feel. You. I've been on every drug you mentioned with no success. I think I've been on Accutane just a few days more than you and had similar side effects. Good luck! Continue to keep us posted.
  11. Day 10 (minus one, skipped the day I went camping) More peeling and flaking on my skin and scalp. Edges of my lips always feel dry. I've yet to see what will happen with my hair. I couldn't take 6 months of roots so I talked to my stylist about a semi-permanent color or a rinse, something more gentle than the color/highlights I had this summer. I've also noticed that I'm purging a lot of whiteheads. They have yet to pop up and just sit there, but for my larger pores they are just eas
  12. I'm on day 5, noticed my skin is less oily, mild peeling, and my lips are dry, so yep, I guess some results show up sooner rather than later.
  13. SD85, I was tempted to try henna while on Tane to cover my gray, but I've heard mixed reviews on the time consuming process and the results. Its natural, like the henna tattoos, but not sure how effective, depending on if you're going lighter/darker I went much lighter with honey-blonde streaks in the summer, which left with very dry, so I will definitely steer clear of that while on the meds.
  14. In short, I've had acne since puberty...almost 25yrs now. I wanted to try Accutane years ago, but opted to exhaust all my efforts with other meds (spiro, antibiotics, etc.) So, its Day 5 on Amnesteem. I've got very mild peeling on my face and my lips are starting to dry. Feeling itchy on my body too, like I put too much fabric softener in my clothes. May be time to change my moisturizer. I don't like to look ashy, so I've always used a pretty good body lotion year-round, but may need to
  15. Thanks ladies! I know winter is coming, but I try to do steady maintenance year round. I've never tried threading because my eyebrows aren't very thick, they are actually quite thin and uneven, but look much better when shaped. Nair never worked too well for me, so I've been using ladies clippers/razors to get the desired results. Glad I wont have to give them up!