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  1. I lived in Australia for 2 years and my acne was very mild. I returned to Boston and my acne went from very mild to moderate. I think it had everything to do with the food qaulity and the good weather.
  2. cln

    I Give Up!

    Hi CVD, we spoke a few times. I can see you've tried just about everyting, but here's a few things that are not on your list: Handheld Acnestim light. It has blue/red/infrared light. This has helped me alot. 5 min to treat each area. The other thing that worked for me, 5, 10 or 20mg of accutane weekly, depending on how severe your acne is. You need to find a Dr. who will write this, it's and off script approach, but it works great. I do not have cystic acne. I have hormonal, non iflamat
  3. I drink about 4 cups of green tea/day, and it does very little for red marks. Retin A and glycolic acid 10% are far more effective for me.
  4. Physician's formula (drugstore brand) mineral powder foundation works well. Buildable coverage and light. Will not break you out.
  5. Retin A takes up to 12 weeks to start working.....it's a therapy. Stick with it, in the long run you'll be pleased. The initial breakout will not last too long. Don't stress about your friends. The extra stress will only make matters worse. Plus, they're your friends and they'll understand.
  6. I had the same problem. I have acne mechanica.......if anything irritates the hair follicles on my face they become small pustules. I made the same mistake.....thought I found a better method of cleaning using the rotating brushes based on all the hype and ended up with a face that was akin to a war zone. Will never make that mistake again. It took over 4 weeks to fully heal. And I'm still fighting the post inflammatory hyperpigmention left behind. I even had to have an IPL session to deal
  7. I have these same thoughts all the time: It's all about the $$$$$$. Most Derms spend all day with acne patients ($$$$) and every shelf in every store is filled with acne products ($$$$$). Why find a cure?
  8. I've always had an initial breakout after stopping BC pills. Everyone is different of course, but my breakouts were pretty bad and it took about 2 months to resolve itself. However, 4 months is a relatively short time compared to the 2-7 years that I was on them.
  9. This might answer your question: "Part of the problem seems to be milk from modern dairy farms, where cows are milked about 300 days a year. For much of that time, the cows are pregnant. The later in pregnancy a cow is, the more hormones appear in her milk. Milk from a cow in the late stage of pregnancy contains up to 33 times as much of a signature estrogen compound (estrone sulfate) than milk from a non-pregnant cow."
  10. I've been keeping an acne log for 3 months now........and I wholeheartedly agree.........my skin always responds poorly to sugar, dairy and alcohol. And while the syptoms appear in one week, the root cause is what I did 2-3 weeks prior. For me, poor diet=acne. My red marks clear faster as well when I'm eating healthier.
  11. Keep your chin up. I know the acne battle well.......fighting it for 20+ years. Spiro works for alot of women. Give it at least 6 weeks. It did not work for me unfortunately. In fact it broke me out like never before. Stick with the retin a at night. And go gentle with everything else. I know how consuming the battle is.......I've stayed in the house on many occations because of a bad breakout. Try to live a normal life and give the people in your life a chance, believe it or not they d
  12. You need to speed up cell turnover. 2 things that will help: 10% glycolic toner or gel and retin a micro (low dose .025%) at night. Your hyperpigmentation should be gone in about a month.
  13. I did a test: had 2 pimples same size, I popped one and let other heal naturally. The popped pimple healed 2x faster and had the same amount of leftover hyperpigmentation. I don't have skin that scars and my pimples are very small in nature. However, I'm like a surgeon when I pop a pimple. I only do it after showering. I swab the pimple with alcohol and I use a sterilized extractor. I then swab again with alcohol. I also follow the "101 hormonal cycle and skin", meaning never pop pimples
  14. I'm actually starting to think my 10% glycolic toner is a culprit. I'm gonna ditch it to see if it's causing a problem.
  15. I teach spin 5x/week. This was always a concern for me. So now I do not apply moisturizer before my workouts, I wait til after my workouts. Although I'm sure the moisturizer just slides off immediately upon sweating, I'd rather not trap any more bacteria in my pores.