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  1. KyonMin

    Desonide cream

    My dermatologist insists that I have acne rosacea. I had been told by previous derms that I had cystic acne. I though acne rosacea was a white fair-skinned person's condition, I am 1/2 Korean. Anyways, I am on the desonide cream and metrogel, don't think it is working. I am also taking minocycline 100mg (was cut down to once a day). Supposed to go back for a follow-up in Dec, which will make 4months on these meds. I think he made a wrong diagnosis and will see another Derm if I am not clear by
  2. I am 36 and I break out on the cheeks and downwards near the mouth(sort of in a parentheses around the mouth). Heck, I am hiding a large zit(on my cheek) in my icon picture! Did you think I was posing like that because I thought it was cute to point at nothing?
  3. KyonMin

    Kyon's Acne.org Regimen Log

    I now have two cysts above my right eyebrow. They are both very red and painful, I have been taking Ibuprofen and pus came out of both of them. I also put antibacterial ointment on them with a bandage over night. They don't feel as sore now are are a little less red, but they are turning scabby now(this happens even if I don't touch them). Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have nice skin before it wrinkles up.
  4. KyonMin

    Kyon's Regimen Progress In Pictures

    A weekly updated picture to chart my progress on the regimen. I am using the kit, my clarisonic with the sensitive brush head(for acne and such), and taking Akne Zyme pills. I am also taking Lactoferrin 250mg x3(total of 750mg per day), but I am just going to stop taking them when I run out.
  5. KyonMin

    Kyon's Acne.org Regimen Log

    Just a quick update. I took pictures and will post them later on today. I think my skin looks about the same as when I began, but it has only been a week. Okay, here they are? Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
  6. KyonMin

    Kyon's Acne.org Regimen Log

    Okay, I have a couple of pimples above my right eye. I also have them right under the eyebrow(no, I don't wax or use a depilatory cream). Think it is hormone related, my period hasn't decided if it will start yet(starts and stops). Perhaps I am getting into pre menopause and my hormones are getting out of whack? P.S. Like the picture? I am covering a huge pimple with that finger, lol!
  7. I don't think it is necessarily on the face, probably more of a light/color therapy. Has some kind of light that shines onto the skin for 20 minutes. Either way we need more information on the machine. Because if it is something like microderm I'd say not to do it, that would be irritating.
  8. KyonMin

    I'm tired of this BullSh**!!!!!!!!

    Hey you are lucky to have found this place at a young age. I have been fighting my acne for 23yrs now. I started breaking out around age 13, you do the math. Let me tell ya, I know how you feel and then some! Imagine how much money I have spent over the years, what a waste. Anyways, have all of us here to ask for help
  9. KyonMin

    Kyon's Acne.org Regimen Log

    Thanks, I am sure this will work well for me. I did this way back when Dan came out with his prototype BP gel. About time I came back, right? I am sick and tired of having acne, I am 36 already! P.S. I forgot to say that I am taking akne zyme and Lactoferrin too. Think I will drop the Lactoferrin after I run out.
  10. KyonMin

    Kyon's Acne.org Regimen Log

    Okay, I deleted the pictures I said I took in the last post. I received my kit(cleanser, moisturizer, and BP gel). Just used it and took pictures right after I washed my face.
  11. KyonMin

    Hi....still getting acne at 40

    Oh man, I am also 36 and still battling acne. What really sucks is the fact that I don't have any health insurance. The last time I had insurance I had a good dermatologist, but had to give that up when I left the job. My Mom and Aunt keep telling me they had bad acne, but even they had cleared up by their 20's! I try to eat only whole foods, stuff that doesn't come in boxes with all sorts of chemicals. But I am not perfect, I drink diet soda(talk about chemicals)! I keep getting told that si
  12. I started doing the Regimen again last night. I did it a long time ago, back when Dan was just developing products. I loved the BP I bought back then and I am sure it has only improved. So, I ordered the kit today but am using the drugstore products until it arrives. I am using: Clearsonic(sensitive brush head) non soap cleanser(Biodroga) 2.5% BP(CVS store brand) moisturizer(Biodroga). I took pictures of my face last night and will post them soon. The main reason I even con
  13. KyonMin

    How do you blend Colorstay?

    Am I the only one who has problems keeping the colorstay makeup on? I can lightly brush up against fabric and it comes right off of my face! I had seen videos on YouTube and people there, who claimed they have really oily skin, said it doesn't come off at all. I am using the oily/combo skin formula. I just picked up a primer, maybe this will help? Oh, and if I am doing the regimen how do I apply makeup? Put on the BP, then my moisturizer, then primer, and then foundation? Colorstay does dry qui
  14. KyonMin


    My Dad just told me he ordered it off of QVC. I suppose he is calling it another b-day present. So in addition to using a combination of supplements(which has been helping) I am going to be using the brush. Should I use the sensitive or the gentle brush?
  15. KyonMin

    Praventin or Lactoferrin?

    I am taking a combo of Akne Zyme(2 capsules at breakfast) and 750mg of Lactoferrin(3 capsules, 1 with each meal). So far I haven't had any bad breakouts since I started. I think it is still too soon to tell how well this is working though.