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  1. Hearing the words "proactiv" come from my derm's mouth has horribly depressing. I thought he was joking at first but he was dead serious. Thanks! I hope they work for me too.
  2. =O Yikes. That doesn't sound good. Seems to be the horrible initial breakout. I'm on differin now and I'm praying that I won't get it bad. I am in pretty deep so I'm going to stick it out now.
  3. Hopefully I can help. I've tried Mary Kay face wash in the past and it was pretty good, I can't remember exactly which face wash I tried because I don't have it anymore. What I do use now Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel which worked. 5% BP. This stuff saved me more than once when I had a really huge zit. I'm almost out and I'll have to get more so I'd personally recommend it. That is really as far as my knowledge goes about Mary Kay products though. I've never head of Timewise... From my experience
  4. Hello! Hello! I'm new here but I don't feel new. I've been visiting and reading for over a year and finally decided to get an account. I have moderate acne and I've had it since 8th grade. I'm in the 11th now and I've tried all sorts of stuff. Tons of topical medications and tetracycline which absolutely failed(my new dermatologist actually told me that he wasn't surprised when I told him this. Tetracycline, apparently, has never worked and it has been dropped by most dermatologists ). Today I