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  1. lilb


    hey everyone sorry its been so long. i just pcs'd. i was doing great for a little while too but now im breaking out once again.
  2. lilb

    It's ME

    dang girl ur hott. im mean damn. hit me up if u want
  3. lilb


    yes i am thank you. actually i stopped for awhile and i started breaking out. so i wont do that again
  4. lilb

    Me ...

    i think ur right about it feeding on attention. when i forget it gets better or atleast that is what i think. your really hot by the by. quit getting stressed any guy should be lucky to get you.
  5. lilb

    My avatar!

    what r u a model
  6. i looked at my face and it looks like i have a rash will this go away soon or what. what is happening. does anyone have any advise
  7. yeah man i got one on my lip too. those hurt like hell, and it wouldn't come out so i took a needle to it and then put BP on it. hope that takes care of it. i have been getting them on my chin and lip. i think it was from shaving or something
  8. what do you mean the real you. the you you are looking at is the real you. i think getting acne is a test. you really have to beat it, and you will.
  9. i don't concider myself either way it is more of the lack of confidence. if a girl is looking at me for a period of time i start getting red in the face and embarrased. it sucks.
  10. lilb

    gaining cofidence

    never going to be happy
  11. lilb


    From the album: gaining cofidence

    me in uniform sort of
  12. yeah i wish i was younger too i just turned 21 the 26 but being overseas having to wait for the shipment sucks. even when i order it i still don't want my friends around. eventhough non of them ever bring it up. i hope the cashiers just think hey heys trying to do something. i think the word is getting out that its not our fault.
  13. well i was 16 when i had sex, i am glad it wasn't a person i really liked. it may seem bad but it was more like practice for the girl i did love. i don't think i had bad acne until i was around 18 or atleast it didn't bother me as much as it does now. i used to be pretty good with the ladies what the hell happened, i lost my touch.
  14. i haven't had a worst experience it just kills me to go out sometimes and i used to be confident and have girlfriends all the time then i got acne and it was a life changing experience. i used to be a lot more outgowing but now i am shy.
  15. yes i am in the military and overseas so my choices are a little limited. i still buy them but i feel i have to strike up a conversation to take attention away
  16. one of the things i hate the most is looking in the mirror and you are about 3 feet away and you think to yourself damn i look good(not trying to sound conceided) then the closer you get the more imperfections you have. that is pretty much life. the harder you look for something the easier it will be to find. so hide your fear and don't look for it.
  17. who is a little skeptical of buying all these acne cures. i get a little uncomfortable taking some acne medications up to the counter. i am sure you do too, like what if its a girl you like or the guy(ladies) that you have to bring the items up too. also if the only thing i need is clearasil cream i have to buy other stuff to bring as little attention to the product as possible. i feel they are saying to themselfs YA he needs this.
  18. i know this feeling it can be between weeks too during periods of your face clearing up. i shy away from girls mainly when i have a bad breakout and when it starts to clear up i can hold my head up for awhile, but what you are really trying to stray from is the feeling of rejection which for some can be the hardest thing to overcome. hey your a person too, so head up and show the world who you are.
  19. i agree you really have to be patient to see if one product works. if you only try something for a week or so then decide its not making any miracles and switch this may actually cause more irritation to you skin. stick with it we are all different so, so are the remedies that will cure us
  20. thanks it is actually kinda hard to be doing this it makes me feel kinda helpless, but talking about this probably will help me more than any medication.
  21. I have been reading on this site for a long time. I finally felt like I should comment. Some of the stories hit so close to home. When I was 16 i had it all a girlfriend a car and numerous friends. now it seems like all that has disappeared. It feels like I have been punished for having such a great life until now. i had taken accutane for 4 months and it was helping giving me more conifidence, that is what we all really need. Then i quit and now taking B5 and topical stuff. Sometimes I