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  1. Hello :)

    I read a post about you starting to moisturize more as a solution for your oil production problem.

    I am just wondering about your results on that.

    Did moisturizing make your skin less oily?

  2. OC8 (aka OC Eight). It's expensive but you have to trust me -- It's the BEST product out there for oily skin. Blotting sheets are great but like you said, they only work for half an hour (not to mention they're too small).
  3. Milk of Magnesia is Mg(OH)2. I was unable to find Milk of Magnesia, but my local pharmacist gave me Magnesium Oxide pills. According to wikipedia, all I need to do is add water to make it Mg(OH)2, aka. "Milk of Magnesia." How much water should I add to the Magnesium Oxide to make it Milk of Magnesia?
  4. Thanks for the reply Willow! I'd been on Differin 0.3 for about a year with much success. It's non-irritating on my sensitive skin, yet strong enough to prevent acne. I've never experienced a product like this. Unfortunately I was laid off recently and don't have health insurance, and for that reason alone I'm seeking an OTC alternative. Thanks for the Vivant Pharmaceuticals suggestion. I wonder if the Derm-A-Gel would be strong enough for my skin. The other products contain acids, and fr
  5. Thanks for the replies, calla lily: I've used aloe vera gel in the past -- Although it absorbes well, it's just not strong enough for winter. In regards to "Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel," I've actually thought quite a bit about getting this, thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking into lotion as well, which should offer more moisturizing. marox: It's combination skin, and even if I wash it so it's squeeky clean and put a moistrizer on my face, even after giving it half
  6. Moisturizers no longer "dry" on my skin like they used to -- Instead, they all make my face stick to my pillow. Neutrogena, Olay, Cetaphi - You name it, I've tried it and they all make my face feel sticky/greasy. My skin has gotten fairly oily lately so that doesn't help. Suggestions, anyone??
  7. I've had 2 overweight friends with moderate acne. One has a poor diet, the other one I'm not sure about. However, I have noticed that thin/normal weight people tend to have more acne than overweight people. Maybe someone who specializes in fat science can shed some light here?
  8. Right now I'm washing my face with olive oil in the shower (no soap!) and exfoliating with a microfiber cloth as gently as possible. I have combination skin and an oily T-zone but rubbing olive oil into my pores and "rinsing" with just plain lukewarm water in the shower is helping! And it doesn't make your face look oily at all, something almost all moisturizers seem to do. Oh, and at night I'm still using differin 0.3. Best product I've used to date. All we can do is keep experimenting and
  9. Thanks for the tips giantcat! I'm going to try those microfiber cloths. However the "vegitarian" thing isn't for me Seriously the day someone makes fake meat that has both the texture and the flavour of real meat is the day I become a vegitarian. Until then, nothing can replace the deliciousness of a good steak!
  10. So long as you wash your hands well it shouldn't make a difference. It's a hell of a lot more important what product you wash your face with.
  11. Most of us on these boards only have access to the gel, most commonly the Fruit of the Earth brand Aloe gel. However with all those additional ingredients, I'm willing to bet fresh aloe direct from the plant would probably be more effective, so by all means try it!
  12. I just wanted to report my experiences with a few products: Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: If you have a mild case of oily skin these will work very well for you. Otherwise if you're like me and have truely oily skin, these are only good for about an hour or two and you'd have to use them all day to keep the oil away, so for me they rate a 2/10. Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil Eliminating Astringent: Keeps my skin clean looking for about 2 hours. Contains witch hazel. Also because it co
  13. a.) Yes your regimen is O.K. Keep in mind like any product, Benzaclin may/may not work for your mild acne. I was on it for a year -- The first few months it worked very well, then went down hill. If you keep getting whiteheads after a few months, you should probably call it quits. Otherwise, keep using it! Everyone experiences this product differently. b.) As far as the scars go... Depending on the severity, they should heal with time. If they're "icepick" scars then check out the scars f
  14. Budwardo, Even in 2008 we still haven't found a cure for acne. It can strike at random during adulthood for reasons unknown, and dermatologists may not be able to help much. My advice: Don't try and "help" her solve her acne problem. You have to believe she's trying everything she can to fix it on her own. Chances are by talking about it you're actually making her feel worse! I agree with the person above me who said "Don't make suggestions unless she initiates the idea." Good lu