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  1. Kind of. but they'd normally disppear- not overnite of course.. takes like over 1 year to disappear along with blemishes. My problem was that I never really dedicate time to take care of my skin. My gf kept on annoying me by telling me that I should take care of my skin and all that stuff. I didn't listen to her then, but now, I wish that I should've. Cuz now my skin is really not that good.. scars a bit here and there.. blemishes here and there.. that's why I am back on the reg
  2. quite often that acne will come back once you stop treatment. Suggest you to keep continue on with treatment. Haven't heard that there's a cure for acne, but instead, treatment is required. I, myself have acne problems for years. 7 years back, I've used Sulfoyl 10% Benzoyl peroxide as well as Retin A Gel - prescription drug. After 3 years of use, I was totally acne free, and so I decided to stop. 6 months after stop, my acne all came back to me, worse than before. HUGE ugly, highly in
  3. yo zzzboy, i'm using the same thing as Dwhaa advised; that neutrogena Stress control acne 3in1 hydrating. I got it at Target for like under $7.00 I put that stuff on in the morning and before I go to bed. Works just fine. Amazing how over the counter stuffs have revolutionized. I don't remember seeing these 10% BP nor 2% SA out at the local drugstore like 5years ago. and Lucky me, I an't anyone of those sensitive skin guys so no complains from me. have fun
  4. guys, I'm new member. I just recently broke out with some horrific monster size pimples on my cheeks and that made me wanted to get back into buying some acne treatments. So I just non-chalantly surf the web and it got me here. I think this is a very good website sharing hardships and experience with everyone here. I've always had acne problems. lets put it this way, at one point, Dermatologist told me that I was helpless. So my acne problem is and always will be severe. But every
  5. kween

    sucky breakout

    not too bad. you can use salicylic acid/ nuetragena acne stress treament for $7 from target. Hydrating gel. wash your face, let dry, then apply before you go to bed. after 2 weeks, you should see the difference. Make sure you're not allergic to Salicylic acid.