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  1. i have no complains about murad acne complex. it worked for me. I just thought it was too pricey, so I stopped. but their skin perfecting lotion works great.
  2. if you don't mind paying 30bucks for a 4.7oz tube shiseido cleansing foam is amazing.
  3. yeah but by not washing face, pyromanic will feel yucky with all that sweat on face.. the way I see it, it's normal to wash 3x a day during hot weather. it's like going to the gym, sweat, get out of gym without washing.. that'll probably feel uncomfortable.
  4. let me tell you, it took me 1year to see the red marks disappear.
  5. my advise, stick to the lower % that works. higher % if it doesn't work.
  6. takhar23, are you asking for a substitution for dan's 2.5% BP? or are you asking just to substitude BP in general? if you're asking a substitude for BP in general, that's easy..it's basically trial and error. what works for you may not work for others. Lots of products out there. you can try Retin A, Tazorac, Oxy, stridex Salicylic acid... if you're looking for the cheapest/ and pharmaceutical grade BP 2.5%, then don't waste your time, Dan's is the cheapest for the huge volume.
  7. you did say you've been using it for a week right? Glad to hear that you are already on your way to clear skin so fast. Yes, you are right. BP dries skin. I'm sorry, I mean, will make your skin look like alligotor skin, especially during your first month of using it. normally, your skin suppose to have an adjustment period. For me, it took my face 3 weeks to get adjusted to the BP. and I use 5%BP. After 3weeks to 1 month, you should feel like applying regular lotion to your face when
  8. Yep, its's an acid you know. So it will make your face red. but after like 20mins, your face should be fine.
  9. easy, the least amount of BP that can still make it work... not necessarily that big chuck of bp on your face to make it work. also, depends on how severe your acne is.
  10. Dan's moisturizer should work fine for you Newlife.. to add to what Mimie said, I too have this burning feeling when applying Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion. unbelievable huh? suppose to be one of those top consumer rated moisturizer. I mean, it works great.. keeps me hydrated and soft.. however, It just burns me. I'm now using Menscience advanced face lotion.. now this works great.. don't think i will switch though kind of expensive. and xcrunner.. whatever works for you.. just do it
  11. skin ID= same products you get from Walmart, Target, Walgreens.. buy them separtely, like me. I just buy the Acne stress 1-3 2% SA treament- and I'm using shiseido facial cleanser,.. using Menscience facial moisturizer and sometimes Cetaphil moisturizer.. works fabulous for me. and I got the treatment for $7.00 So Babydee, don't be suckered by those tv commercial crap... I tell you, they all work just as good as the products you by from your local drug store.. seriously. you j
  12. that's right peaches.. if you are looking for a real good good facial cleanser, I have no idea what will work for you. Might work for you, but not for others you know.. for me, I've used Murad's acne facial wash- containing SA,, . feels clean after wash, but kind of harsh because right after, I put ane treatment. I now use my gf's Shiseido gentle cleansing foam- now this one is the bomb.. excellent .. lathers real well with small amount. takes me and my gf 3-4months to finish a 4.7 oz
  13. Yep. Dan's product should work very well. apply just enough..don't apply too much.