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  1. I'm fortunate to reside in San Diego, too and have frequented Dr. Rullan for a couple subsicion sessions. My scars are still visible and while I think subscision has helped, I'm still not happy with my scarring situation. I've also had a couple microneedling sessions with the PA and the results have been minimal. I know you have to wait a couple months for the collagen to build...Last time I had fillers done by Jennifer and she worked the needle as she was injecting it with Restalyne. My rol
  2. I remember when Adam Lambert first appeared on AI. When hit with backlighting, you could really see his rolling scars. Fast forward x years. Have you seen his pics recently along with appearance on Glee. The man's face is flawless! I've been searching the net for any information on what treatment(s) he had done. I want some of that! Does anyone know?
  3. I was swollen for a good 3-4 days. Not much bruising. 10 days out, still have one bruise and still some localized swelling. The edema and swelling might actually temporarily plump up your scars.
  4. Robertitoo, It's 3/4 days since subscision with Dr. Rullan. Was reading your past posts about suctioning and looking over your post subscision pics. I think he did a slightly different procedure. instead of applying a numbing cream, he injected a local anesthesia in my cheeks treated area and continued to do so throughout the procedure when I could feel the needle. I heard a few popping sounds, more like scraping or sawing, all throughout cheek area, as opposed to what looks like more t
  5. Robertitoo, Sorry for lapse in posting. Ran into some issues developing an unexpected case of eczema and nodular cystic breakout that set me back. Having been clear for a couple weeks and with the holiday break where I don't have to go to work for a week and 1/2, I just finished my first subscision session with Dr. Rullan. As I speak, I am swollen (not bruised yet). Thought swollen, I can see some of my scars. I wasn't planning on microneedling but from what I read of your threa
  6. Hi Robertitoo, Just wanted to also congratulate you on your results and to thank you for sharing your journey. I've scheduled my first subcision session with Dr. Rullan over a 3 day weekend in September to allow some time for healing. Figure I'd schedule the second and third over thanksgiving and Christmas. You've given us a lot of hope of what is possible. Thanks again for sharing and continued good luck.
  7. sorry just found your thread. i had the same question after having used epiduo which combines benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. i've suffered significant scarring after having used the product for about 6 months. wish i had those 6 months back. never had an issue with benzoyl peroxide before.
  8. found the following. hope it helps. http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1527722 personally, i can see the connection, but rather than spend the money, keep a food journal and monitor your SD flareups in connection to food. corn syrup and dairy does it for me.
  9. Just wanted to add my two cents: I've had SD for about 5 years and in that time, have tried everything. Head and Shoulders, Nizoral, Zinc Bar, sulfur, even steroid cream (NEVER USE THAT ON THE FACE!!!!! I learned that the hard way.) Anyway, what has worked pretty well for me has been a combination of apple cider vinegar (diluted 50/50 with water), followed by jojoba oil. Jojobal oil is antifungal and non-comedogenic. I apply both products once a day at night. For those whose nothing has
  10. Read a couple of posts about issues raised when using BP with a liquid foundation. Some mention problems with clumping and balling up. And, I've tried waiting til the BP dries, but that doesn't look good either. (Plus, who has the time?) I discovered when I apply liquid foundation immediately after applying BP (while the BP is still moist), there is no clumping and the foundation blends in easily. My question is, is this ok to do? I mean if BP is not absorbed into the skin, but rather creat
  11. Hi there, Also new to the thread (not the board). Gonna try this with .75 mm for a check area and see what happens. Question about sterilization. What do people use to sterilize their dermaroller before and after treatment? Thanks to all for sharing their experiences.
  12. Welcome to the boards and thanks for sharing and the reminder of the benefits of ACV. I forgotten about using ACV and will try it again. I will also chime in about the link between acne and sugar. Over the holidays, I indulged in some spiced apple cider NOT to be confused with ACV. Anyway, the main ingredient is sugar and includes caramel color. While it was delicious, I developed some serious cysts and breakouts. I had been otherwise pretty clear with an occasional small zit. As soon a
  13. To Colorstay users, has anyone tried Revlon's New Complexion with Dermabreathe (whatever that is). It says it covers everything in a lightweight formula. Says it's oil-free and won't clog pores. Doesn't say that about Colorstay. UPDATE: Spoke with a rep (who didn't seem to know much.) She told New Complexion doesn't offer as full coverage and couldn't confirm that Colorstay doesn't clog pores or is not acnegenic. She referred me to the Almay line...TLC, which is dermatologist tested and s
  14. Hi all, Sorry I am late to post. But, I wanted to chime in. Some of you (Wynne) have already heard my story but I think it's worth repeating especially since it sounds similar to what people have experienced with mometasone furoate. If ANYONE reading this can be spared the pain I've endured the last few months, it would be well worth it. I've been on a BP regime similar to Dan's for about 20+ years. It has kept my face relatively clear during that time. Oh sure, I've tried Accutane (twice
  15. Thanks for all the info here. I tried Estee Double Wear and Revlon Colorstay but both didn't offer enough coverage So, next up is Colortration and maybe Estee Maximum Coverage, although the latter sounds kinda cakey. Both say they are non-acnegic. I just wanna hide the dark purple marks left by pimples...targeted coverage versus all over foundation.