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  1. Ever considered using a primer under your makeup? It helps minimize the look of pores and facilitates blending. It may feel oily when you first put it on, but after the makeup is applied, it looks great. I use Skinprepfx, it's great for sensitive skin, and has acne fighting ingredients.
  2. Tanning is not good. It may give you a nice glow, but it can be known to cause premature aging...ew. I'll share my secret with you! This is how I get a nice natural, streak-free, radiant glow(Without risking the quality of my skin): I mix one half of my favourite body moisturizer (Aveeno) with one half of my favourite self tanner (Neutrogena). Apply liberally, rubbing in well to the skin. Let it absorb and dry, then within the next 24 hours, you will see a nice change in colour, with no strea
  3. I just recently switched over to Coverfx. You have to get the primer for it, which actually contains pimple fighting ingredients, and both the primer/cover up are non-comedogenic. Even better yet, the cover up has spf 30. It's a little pricey, I believe 48 for the primer, 40 for the Cover up, and 38 for the brush. However, I have to say it's the best product I've tired yet, and I don't put just anything on my face. It hasn't made me break out, and makes my skin look remarkably better when appl
  4. but microdermabrasion is basically sandblasting your skin to remove scars an pits. Why would you want to do this if you're still getting acne. Wouldn't you want to let the acne run it's course so you are not doing this 2 times. It's not sand, it's crystals, and it's not a blast, its a vacuum. Anyway, if it couldn't be done I don't think the top aesthetician in the city would do it on me. Although microdermabrasian is to help acne scars, you don't necessarily have to be 100% rid of your acne
  5. Try CoverFx, it's the makeup my aesthetician recommended to me. It's a mineral base, but it comes in liquid form, and not just a powder.
  6. No. I had it done yesterday, accompanied with my ALA treatment..and I had a monster zit on my cheek. She still worked over it.
  7. So far, I'm responding to it as I've been told I would...I'm red, like I've been sunburnt, which is funny because I've never actually had a sunburn before in my life. I feel a bit dry around my chin, so I expect to start peeling soon (ew). Next Friday, I am going in for a quick check up to see what my skin is doing with the treatment, and then I suppose will further treat accordingly.
  8. Why don't you try apple cider vinegar instead of regular vinegar? Apple Cider Vinegar is really effective on pimples. Use it as a toner, and if it's too concentrated, mix it with mineral water (50/50) into a spray bottle and spray away. If you're home, any chance you remember you can spray it on. It's natural, so it can be quite effective. It worked for me really effectively when I was using it...but due to hormones...I can't solely rely on that...but it's different for everyone. --Oh sorry a
  9. My younger sister used ProActiv, and it did nothing for her. We saw no significant improvement in her skin, so I didn't bother trying it on myself. However, I think if you are already using it, to continue the treatment because switching your cleanser often can make your skin worse, it weakens your skin.
  10. I've had that happen before, and in my experience, it will fade over the course of a few months. If the acne mark is dark, it likely will fade. The only time the scar won't go away is if the skin has been so damaged from being broken, and its jagged..but that's a different kind of scar.
  11. I'm actually going to get this treatment this very afternoon. My acne is only level 1, but it's still annoying and sometimes I get huge zits. I'll keep you all posted on what I see in terms of results, recovery, etc.