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  1. music music musci i play guitar and listen to music coz it takes me to another place,soothes the soul, same reason yall love music but yer i love it
  2. so pika tell me the background story of u and this girl
  3. girls,u cant live with them and u cant live without them lol
  4. Im single myself and sometimes all I want is to hold someone! I think its the thing most people want,to be loved I think in ur situation it would be good if u could find ur own place,maybe look for some flatmates wanted advertisments!! if u do tht uve already met new ppl who will knw ppl,and u might even find someone!! Its 2004 the net is a great way to make friends,im sure there are ppl u could swap email addys on here with mines sativa [email protected]!!add me if u like, I have ppl tht i coul
  5. Im so sick of trying for loveeeee,Im sick of giving someone all my heart and then getting fucked over like im a worthless piece of shit when its the person fuckin u over they dnt feel the pain but u do!!It strts off like anything,new and exciting,something tht breaks the rest of the bullshit in ur day but u come to a point when u relise the thing tht u thgt was ur happiness was bullshit all along right now im filling this void with alchohol coz it numbs the pain be safe ppl peace
  6. i certainly cant do it,but i wish i could coz it would save me alot of heartache ur a humanbeing with feelings,its ok to feel even if it hurts,imagine having no feelings,now tht would suck
  7. yer everyone loves turtle,i mean all of ya miss her when shes not on here!!!noone gives a flying fuck if im on here or not,noone cares for me noone gives a shit maybe coz i am a piece of shit and tht all i ever will be,all u guys are loved,u should feel happy for tht
  8. hahahahahahah woof me and my chucky dolls arent very happy we like our royal status and noones gonna take us down bring it
  9. hey woof,um why are u wearing no shirt in ur avatar???hmmm ur trying to impress the ladies well its not gonna work coz im the king in here and all the ladies love me,so bring it besides tht wecome
  10. joe ur a dick anyway at the end of the day, ppl have sex for all different reasons,coz they love the person and wanna share what they have mentally on a physical plane,or they are fucken plain horny and wanna get screwed,anyway ppl lets just not mistake the 2
  11. joe ur are a dick can we all get off the rape subject people lets just say everybody is a animal by nature and sex is a dominating force, tht everybody needs,even if it means hurting someone else
  12. what would u people do if someone tht u were falling for and send they were falling in love with u went off and fucked another person and said they just needed to get laid,and tht they wernt thinkin about u just gettin off tht m,akes me feel sick when i think about it,i believe sex is so much better when u love the other person and i would wait for as long as it takes to be with tht person and not give in for a measley bang. mind u some ppl need it badly and cant hold themselves back when some