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  1. What makes me happy?? Umm playing b ball and somehow finding a cure for acne What do I live for?? Still searching for that..
  2. Mostly of my acne's on my face and i have very very little acne on my body. The worst is probably a pimple or two on my back
  3. Judging from your gallery your acne's pretty mild/moderate. I tried water only regimen and it worked great for my face. It didn't make my face red like the old OTC meds i used and it actually helped my face get rid of the splotchy redness that i had. My acne's used to be sorta like yours but mine was more severe. Try going water only and see how it works. If your acne doesn't get better try DKR or cetaphil cus they don't irritate your skin too much. Also if your using BP, i suggest that you
  4. 1. 8 2. 10 3. 6 1. YES! 2. A little bit of both.. after acne I'm more compassionate towards others but its made me soo anti-social 3.Yes
  5. Picking along with harming your skin in other ways (harsh washcloths/meds/cleansers) especially if you have severe type acne may cause nodular like acne. Last week i went to the cosmetologist to look on my 2 huge ass nodules that have been on my face for YEARS (and one smaller one) and he said it was caused by injury to the existing pimple. Ive had really severe acne for like 5 years and i admit i do pick a little but not that much however i did use some otcs that were pretty harsh to my face.
  6. Hey i remember when i used to use many different types of face washes (SA cleansers included) for about 3 years and none of them seem to do anything except damage my skin. Then i started to use only water and my severe acne started getting better. The red splotches on my cheeks started slowly clearing and i stopped breaking out as much. Now im still using water only with some prescribed meds (i was using the meds with the cleansers before) and my face is looking much better and im positive
  7. Oh wow proactive!?!?! what a horrible derm.... jk I had never taken differin and Amoxicillin before but i still hope that they work for you =)
  8. hey toaster queen, I'm glad that the regimen is working for you!!! I'm not a forum guy myself but i try to post here when i have time or have nothing else to do =p. .. Anyways nice to meet you and hope you get what you need here. =)
  9. Just turned 18 and my scars are extremely bad after 5-6 years of severe acne. I'm actually fealing worse about my scars everday even tho they have been slowly getting better...
  10. haha yah i have to shave around my pimples too...it sucks when u have 2 huge ass pimples on the side of your neck and your forced to leave that part unshaved and go out like that =/
  11. Hey, I wish u the best of luck with the doxy a bp. Hope you find what you need to clear that breakout =)