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  1. I'm considering getting either fraxel or deep fx soon and was just wondering if it'll also help with hyper-pigmentation along with scars. I have moderate scarring but the red hyper-pigmentations makes it look alot worse. Can i kill two birds with one stone or should i getting the marks taken care of first and then scars?
  2. I'm finally 6 month post-accutane so I want to start doing whatever I can to treat these scars and red marks. During my post-accutane period, I have been using nothing by cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisture. After looking around for treatments similar to mine, I've decided Fraxel might work, what do u guys think?
  3. its all good, but yea, the marks definitely look alot lighter when i first wake up in the morning. I do plan on getting laser treatments once 6+ month post accutane is reached. I'm curious to know the kind of laser you used as well. I was looking at some before and after pictures on Faxel and thinks that the marks in those images are pretty similar to mine.
  4. Alright its been awhile so figured i'd post some updated pics. So far i've only been using Argan oil along with my daily moisturizer w/ spf30. Judging some these pics, I definitely see some improvements. Hoping once my accutane course ends next month the redness will go down even more.
  5. Just wondering whats the allotted time for taking a break from accutane during the course. ie, how long can you stop taking accutane before having to start the course all over again.
  6. I'll give lemon a shot after reading all the positive reviews. Also, some of my marks don't turn white/disappear when i press down on them, so is that scarring or just normal red marks?
  7. Ok, so i had these mark for at least 2 years now (maybe more, can't remember) Anyways just wondering if anyone have similar marks like these and what ur using. things I've tried already with little/no improvement (used each method for 1-2 month): -ACV -Turmeric -baking soda -V-beam (1 session) -TCA peel (2 session @ 15%) -Emu/Bio/Jojoba oil just to note, I have no active acne right now, the surface where the marks are is smooth.
  8. nah, they're not active. That area on my cheek has always been prone to acne, but after 9 month of accutane, they're finally under control. Although I do agree it looks like acne (which sucks!), its just redness. The surface feels smooth when I touch it. I've been ex-foliating for a while now, and only seen minor improvements. When I wake up in the morning, the area don't seem red at all, but as soon as I wash my face the redness comes back. I'm really considering getting v-beam laser trea
  9. I've had these marks for god knows how long. I used to think they are hyperpigmentation, but after trying TCA/Glycerin peel for the past couple weeks with no success, i'm beginning to doubt. Maybe they are broken blood vessels? idk. Any help would be great!
  10. Its comedogenic - It blocks your pores... so might make your skin worse. I used Emu Oil. It doesn't block pores (non-comedogenic) and really really helped with my scarring and is a good moisturiser. :shifty: xxx Bio-oil is actually non-comedogenic. I know it has vitamin A in it and I've heard it's best to steer clear from that while on Accutane, but I use it twice a week on my face and haven't had any issues as of yet. However, I'd ask your derm./doctor just to be safe. yea I'
  11. Ok I know this may have been asked already, but I can't find a straight answer anywhere!!! Is it ok to use Bio-oil while on Accutane? Appreciate it!