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  1. Acne relapse and your skin resumed its normal oil production? After one year, the acne did relapse slowly. Its oil production definitely increased alot but, to be honest, I never felt that my skin was noticeably greasy before or when my acne was at its worst. If it is any indication, I did notice my forehead would get 'shiny' about a year after. That would have never happened on accutane. Acne relapse and your skin was still dry? Definitely prone to dryness despite new breakouts. I would s
  2. inuk

    Cortisone Dent

    I know its been a while since anyone posted in this thread but in case one of you is worried and searching for info on cortisone dents, I want to share my story I was on accutane and for some reason one of my nodules (which I had treated with a topical corticosteroid for the first time ever) DID NOT go away for months on end - it was not inflamed so much as it was a blob of skin sort of. My derm shot it and it took fully 2 weeks to go away then the dent and hypopigmentation showed up I was
  3. I was feeling pretty bummed around day 112 so rest assured, there is a way to go are you taking any BCP or anything?
  4. I have a very strong feeling that its all healing from here on. It feels like it will never be over but it so will. You are so there. I am very excited for you!
  5. HI! I do come back to check in on everyone I was following every now and then! I am still clear! LOVE Accutane. For my scars, I use glycolic acid 12% (AHA souffle, which I got from the States when I went) and retin-a (like 3x a week) Its too early to tell if they are working better than doing nothing but it makes me feel like I am doing something, at least. My pores are MASSIVE still, which probably won't go away. Oh well, what can you do. I think we are all sorta big-pore-oily-skin type
  6. Looking good lucky woman, you don't seem to get PIH very easily. Once this is over, its over! yay you!
  7. HI! I just stopped back in after a bit of an absence to check in on you I love accutane - look how much better your skin looks! holy cow! the red marks will take time but whatever, at least they can be covered up more easily than active nodules. I opted for a low-dose maintenance for a while, which I will probably stop in the summer. I know its pretty useless to say this but you won't really be able to assess the extent of your scarring for a while, I thought I had much worse scarring than
  8. Just writing to wish you well and congratulate you!! I hope things are going wonderfully!
  9. 1 month post-tane I guess I cannot say I am totally post-tane since I do take 40 mg about twice a week as low-dose maintenance. I am totally clear! I do get those "one or two day pimples" I didn't believe existed before accutane but they are gone so fast that I don't really care! Sometimes they dont even last the whole day. AMAZING. They have mostly been around my periods or if I wear new makeup. My marks are fading but it will be a while before I am foundation free. I have a tendency to
  10. I think cerave is similar to cetaphil cream. How bad is your acne? How old are you and how long have you had it? Are you concerned about looking oily under makeup? Or just during the day?
  11. I am deeply sorry that you have had this experience. I would be cautious to attribute all of those important problems directly to the accutane. The link between accutane and depression is really not clear. I avoided taking accutane because I do feel that risks are worth thinking about. I regret taking so long to use it. I am really sorry for everyone who has gone through this. Clearly I think we all need to think more about what we take, and also consider low-dose treatments with accuta
  12. My regimen suggestions would be the following. This is geared particularly towards people who wear makeup but would probably pertain to everyone who is using topical retinoids for any reason. NOTE there are two kinds of cetaphil cleansers, one that foams (Daily facial cleanser) and one that does not (gentle skin cleanser). In my opinion (you may feel differently) the foaming one is drying and a bit irritating if you are using topical acne meds. SO EVENING 1) Wash with aveeno ultra calming
  13. Wishing you well!! It will be done before you know it!!
  14. It would be really stupid top stop accutane because you are too impatient to wait for another month or two before you get off and wait for your skin to heal. you are still going to have to wait for your marks to fade, its just a matter of now or later. Its up to you and it is your body and your comfort level, so obv this is my opinion. Wouldn't you feel bummed if your acne DID come back and all this happened because you freaked out?
  15. Glad you are improving!!! Sit tight girl, it will be over before you know it!! My skin took the full five months before I could actually say I am clear. But I am! wishing you well!