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  1. im new on here just wanted to say hey hows it going. :)

  2. Thanks you guys for all your input and thanks to Lili21 for the tip
  3. hey there lady, how you been

  4. I need some advice on what kind of moisturizer with sunblock I should use during the day. I bought the Olay Complete SPF15 for senstitive skin and while it didn't break me out (which is unheard of for sunblock with my skin) within a few hours my skin is like an oil slick. Not just a bit of oil but visible and when I touch my forehead, my skin feels almost wet. Anybody else have these issues too? Have you found anything that works great??
  5. Hey sammie! I apply the foundation with my fingers. I feel like it seeps into my skin better this way than using a sponge or brush. I put a pea size amount on my index finger and dab it all over one cheek tthen rub it in. I then do the same on the other cheek. Then I just rub in the excess all over the rest of my face (nose, chin, forehead) like a moisturizer. I use more on my cheeks because this is where my red marks are. I know what you mean about the hot humid days. I live in NYC and
  6. Hey! I'm so sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. the thing that helped me ALOT during the IB period was using a topical antibiotic about a half hour before applying the Retin A. i would also apply this cream in the morning before my moisturizer. I got a few pimples but it wasn't like I have heard the IB can be. The cream I was prescribed was Metrogel.
  7. Ughhh! I am so sorry you are going through this I hate that pill!! I was acne free for all of my life until I turned 26 and started on this pill. Not only was my skin getting BAD but I felt like riping everyone' head off! My mood was just sad, mad, and depressed. I stopped taking it and my skin has never been the same. I am 28 now and have been prescribed Yasmin which has been helping me get back to normal...
  8. I'm glad I could help lady!!

  9. amazing girl, thanks for your help <3

  10. Hey Ladies! Great thread...I looove the Double Wear and I have extremely oily skin. But it stays in check all day with this foundation. I too would like to switch to the light once my red marks fade more. I felt like the light didn't cover as much as I would like. Also, this foundation gave me absolutely no new breakouts which is unheard of for me and liquid foundations. I really love how this makes my skin feel and look. One thing that's annoying is that it doesn't come with a pump BUT yo
  11. I agree with Cest la vigne...this seems like a load of BS!! Either she was out of her mind on god knows what or she asked for the stars and didn't like the outcome. Having been tattooed alot myself, one DOES NOT just fall into a deep sleep like she claims. Its so rediculous!
  12. I had the dreaded IB in my 3rd week then it started to significantly improve. Then I got a small one in my 6th and 9th weeks. I have been on for about 4 months and my derm said that he sees a 75% improvement. I have to agree with him. My skin looks sooo much better than when I started. But Retin A can take up to a year to see 100% results. Its not a quick fix so you have to stick with it. Good Luck
  13. I too was prescribed BP 5% wash along with Retin A about 4 months ago. I started with the wash everyday and using the cream every third night but I felt that the BP wash was really contributing to the sore dry patches that my face was experiencing. It was red and inflamed and I don't really have sensitive skin so this was weird. I quit using the BP wash and switched to a gentle efficient cleanser. In my 2nd month I started using the tretinoin every night. But I wanted to give the BP wash a