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  1. sore back is definately persistent but ahh well! the dryness of my face could be so much worse, wheras my lips and nose are just so irritating! my lips especially feel like sandpaper its awful! the skin on my chest seems to have had more blackheads than usual. its almost asif the pores are becoming blocked more easily. mum said my back is becoming clearer, but i cant give my opinion as its difficult to notice unless i face my back to a mirror! haha . my eyes are also becoming more and more dr
  2. mm my spots seem to be shrinking & dissapearing! 2 new ones appeared on my chest which was unusual because that's one of the places i never get them but nothing too un-managable! the side effects have definately made an entrance! side effects so far: dry skin dry/chapped lips dry nose area itchy skin gums much more sensetive than usual less tolerance to my contact lenses, fall out much more easier and are sometimes uncomfortable sore back i woke up this morning trying to find the vaseline
  3. i'm on day 8 and the side effect have only just started to kick in properly and thats on 35mg a day! the side effects might not be too bad for you with any luck ;)!
  4. nahhh! chin up they will go! some peoples just take longer than others! hahaha its funny that you're from birmingham! i was there visiting a mate not so long ago! :) everyone on here's from america! haha, yeahh i will . my derm said im going bout it slowely, but slowely is better than no progress at all. Had two nose bleeds now, in the last two days and i never get nose bleeds. also my eyes feel increasingly tired like soree dry maybe? this is since ive gone up to 60mg been on it
  5. I'm still using aqueous cream and its brilliant! Nivea on my hands & thick layers of vaseline still on my lips. even though when i wash my face i can notice the dry skin starting, its hidden and isnt yet a problem at school or when im out. Had a bit of a headache yesterday at school and i panicked a little because i started to wonder what was going on as i never get headaches. I put it down to accutane though and i havent had one since. Funnily enough, when i wash my face, even though it w
  6. No change so far! It seems silly that i'm posting this even though there's nothing much to log, but this is mainly just for me to record my progress and how i feel. My mum had to tell my teachers because im going to be having every fourth monday off school. All of them keep coming up to me going 'how are you, is everything okay?' Its nice that people are concerned, but i sometimes wish no-one knew about it apart from my sclose family because then theyd think my skin had some sort of miracle cha
  7. Dont let them get you down, it is almost impossible for people with clear skin to understand the hell that acne causes. Keep your head up only a few months to clear skin; that will shut your friends up! Hahaha hopefully! Thanks for your support :). :)! Took my tablet earlier! It feels so strange to think that such little tablets are going to eventually make such a big difference. Why i am sitting around waiting for side effect now i actually dont know! Just the excitement i gues
  8. Oh no! My friend's are really trying to put me off it! Why oh why? There is no persuading me! I wish they understood just how hard it is to live with acne.
  9. Starting Today Okay so i've finally got my prescription! I've got another appointment on the 9th March, 1 month from now.. He's put me on 35mg a day and if i react okay to this dose hes going to increase it next month! I'm also on the Dianette pill now because apparently if you get pregnant whilst on accutane the baby will be deformed. Better to be safe than sorry! I am really worried about my hair ! Right now i have peroxide blonde hair; Its freshly done and so it wont need doing again for
  10. Would you advise the products you've been using? Im going to go to the pharmacy/tesco/asda before my app to stock up on creams etc? Any chance you could help me form my shopping list? Thankyou.
  11. Can i risk it if i do a test patch first? Any acutane patients tried it or is it just a no go? Thankyou .
  12. I hope everything carries on going okay. Hopefully the side effects wont get any worse and your clear skin will become visible! I start my course tomorrow! Im so excited. :) Click Here For My Accutane Journal! 16 Years old - Female - England Start Date: Monday 9th February 2009
  13. Mmm yeah thats probably why yours tend to go after a week or so. Mine are usually really big, not just where they seem to be but wider under the surface than the surface itself.
  14. Im definately going to be buying some of the aquaphor stuff! It sounds like a god-send! You too, its interesting to see how other people are doing. I really cant wait. Its my prom on July 3rd and i am really hoping things will have changed :). Thankyou.
  15. Last Monday i went to see my dermatologist and he told me i needed more time to think about it. Angry as i was, i went away, knowing full well i wasnt going to change my mind! The app. was booked for 10.00 at the hospital, Monday 8th February! Its now the day before and im so excited. A few hang ups though.. 1. I only have one kidney.. my dermatologist is letting me go onto the treatment nevertheless. 2.Surely applying moisturizer will defeat the object and just allow the acne to rebuild itsel
  16. Its really good that people are putting my mind at rest with this treatment! I though i was the only one to ever have had it and i was some sort of weirdo! That sounds painful! Maybe i was lucky! hahaha! Thankyou for your reply. :)
  17. That sounds wonderful im really happy for you! I start my treatment tomorrow im so excited ! Thanks.
  18. I wish mine would go away after a week! Mine take what feels like years. It really works amazingly so if there is one that needs to be gotten rid of and you can get an appointment with a dermatologist or another nurse/doctor of some sort that will do it, id go for it! Its so upsetting when you're friends act like they know what they're talking about, claiming to know how it feels when they have maybe 2 little ones on their forehead! grrrrr.
  19. Thankyou so much for your reply! I wasnt too sure exactly what it was but im sure it was the same thing after a refresh of the memory. I didnt know you could have it done more than once. Also im really glad it isnt just me that has had it done because i genuinely hadnt ever heard of the treatment before. Do you find that the needle leaves scars? Thankyou.
  20. I know! All bourjois stuff is really good i love it! Haha many of my friends use dream matte. It just seems to glide really easily over my skin :). I dont really know of any other similar product that works as well! Its expensive using 3 products constantly but im prepared to pay whatever price because if i look awful it results in an awful day. Thanks for your reply! :)
  21. Ofcourse, everyones skin is different, and i know this combination wont work for everyone, but to save from spending £20 + i'd give these products a try. I ALWAYS moisturize. Everday, i gently wash my face with a cloth & warm water, and then patt my skin dry with a towel. Then i completely saturate my skin with e45 lotion (lotion not cream), and then leave it on for a few minutes. Then i get a dry cloth and wipe the excess of. If you have extremely oily skin i'd probably patt dry also beca
  22. I think this is the same injection that i recieved last monday. It works wonders doesnt it!? Only im not sure you can buy it or get your hand on it unless its a dermatologist doing it for you? Did it hurt or was it not too bad? Thankyou .
  23. On Monday 2nd February i went to an appointment with my dermatologist to discuss roaccutain treatment and i had a large cyst under the skin of my right cheek. He then said that because the lump would probably scar even without his help, he could inject the cyst with an anti flammatory liquid, allowing it to heal quicker. I had never heard of anything of the sort but trusted him never the less. I had the needle put into my cheek after a little spurt of tears, and it hurt unbelievably. However, I
  24. I'm confused as to what needling is? Hmmm please can you explain? Thankyou