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  1. Oh my god...I'm just DYING to make a joke here, but I'll make a valiant, superhuman effort to avoid doing so! Do iiiiiiiiiit. I tripple dog dare you.
  2. My first ever experience with an AHA cream was with Nutrogena's Healthy Skin with 15 spf. I like that it makes my skin even toned and smooth and radiant, but I find it a bit on the slick side. Like, it soaks in and what's left is just slippery on my face. I'm trying to research a better less greasy alternative for when my current bottle runs out. Any suggestions?
  3. What's a good soothing cream for the dryness that doesn't have retinol or AHA or spf, or any other stinging stuff in it? I don't have access to jojoba, but I can go to CVS. I'll probably order some online tonight, but in the mean time, what's a good recommendation?
  4. I have what I think is undiagnosed PCOS (no insurance, so who knows ) and I've started taking vitex and red raspberry leaf. Over the past 8 months my cycles have gotten longer and longer (48 days is the longest) and an-ovulatory (don't ovulate, or ovulate late). I've been on vitex for a month now, and 2 days ago, on cycle day 13, I got what felt like ovulation pain, but, it's been so long I can't tell anymore. The true test will be whether or not I get my period in 2 weeks. Anyway... to ma
  5. Quick brief history - I'm 28, and I think I have undiagnosed PCOS (a female hormonal problem). Also autoimmune stuff, and I'm about 4 weeks into a complete elimination diet. My skin, for the most part, has cleared up about 70%. I started taking vitex to help with the PCOS issues (period regularity). For those that don't know what it is, it's an herbal supplement that helps the body regulate progesterone levels. In speaking with other PCOS'ers, it has really helped on the acne front, which is a