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  1. dude u are fine bro...i would take the smallest dose of accutane for 6 months to get rid of ur acne first..then u have to wait at least 6 months after taking accutane to do anything else...when u are ready to do something on ur VERY shallow scars, i would do a series of glycolic peels, with a derm doing it, not on your own like some ppl do ...ur acne is minimal though, maybe u can take Vibramicine (antibiotic) for 30 days and it will be enough..
  2. i just gotta say it seems crazy doing that on your own, u should have a derm u trust do a series of peels and get it pver with,,,i dont want to judge but many ppl have fucked up their face by doing crazy stuff like this
  3. um actually accutane doesn't give u red marks or scars,, the red marks might look redder while taken accutane and even 6 month after that, but it does NOT cause it
  4. man i think ur skin is fine, as a man i think they aren't a big deal unless you have a a lot of them and i cant count more than 3 or 4..if they bother u that much i would do a dermabrasion and get it over with, but seriously i think u don't need anything
  5. I understand what you feel, but i disagree about the accutane issue. Accutane works inside the skin killing the extra sebum, and that has cleared me up 100%, and no deppreson side effecxts, in fact i'm happier than before i was on accutane. I have some small scars, that i think over time aqfter red marks fade, and the skin goes through the process of leveling out, they will seem a lot more shallow; some have really almost dissapeared. So please don't think accutane gave you scars bc it is impos
  6. are theres ANY topicals that people have seen improovments with shallow scars??
  7. i tried that but for some reason when i type it in nothing happens, as if the page doesn't exist??
  8. does anyone know the web page of smoothbeam? i need to find a derm. near my area who does it..any help would be great!
  9. wow man great results!! seriously i admire u guys so much for doing the dermabrasions,,i want to but many things scare me like hyper or hypo pig,, my mom scare the sh&* out of saying is going to make it worse, leave MORE scars!! or just thinking my face will change its texture,i have really smll pores and i think this would make em big..i dunno.... congrats to all of u!
  10. are you asian or latin?? how dark is ur skin? i ask bc i want to get the dermabrasion but im scared of further problems with hyper or hypo pigmentation...
  11. what i do isbut some sunscreen only on the redmarks and then tan, this way they dont get redder and the skin surrounding the area looks better,,i tan at the beach though, bc the salt water is good for acne (or so i hear)
  12. if u look at anyone from that view and sooo close you will see an imperfection, i dont care who it is,,,u really shouldn't worry about that , they are not so noticible i think,,maybe in a year or 2 on a pore refining regimen u will see a diference, although again,,,it looks fine
  13. u say u have been usinf it for years,,what difference do u see on ur red marks or scars?? where do get this by the way?
  14. the pic is kinda small,,i see some acne and a lot of redness,,not sure if i see scar thoughh
  15. Montana

    Egg white

    what exactly does the egg mask help with? acne, red marks??? i tried it today but its har to put on since egg is so gooey ,,it kinda slipped down, but after a minute or two (laying down on my back) it stuck,,i see no difference...