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  1. thanks for the info. i have actually tried the sea salt thing, but it only worked temporarily. like everything else. things work for a bit, then stop completely. ive run out of things to try. accutane is not something i will every do, i care about my body too much. which is why i quite the chemicals. i think thats al ie that some men think its cute. or a stretch at least. my bf doesnt care. but i do. he has it on h is back, but it doesnt bother me, but on me on the other hand, i think its gro
  2. acv anti-biotics bp aloe every over the counter treatment on the market s-acid b5 zinc bee propolis retin a duac i've tried doing nothing joboba oil basis soap cetaphil no dairy no wheat three day apple fast master cleanse three diff. birth controls no birth control tanning all the things ive tried i've had acne for seven years. not on my face. but on my collar bones, upper back, and chest mostly. and bad. like every six hours or so i have four or five new pimples on top of healing ones and sc
  3. I have tried EVERYTHING. accutane, retin a, duac, sea salt, every over the counter everything, i've changed my diet, apple cider vinegar, you name it, i've done it. anti-biotics everything. i dont know what to do. I have never had it on my face, ever. only my upper chest collar bone area and upper back. to the point where it was so painful due to the number of zits that i had to stay home naked cause shirts hurt me so bad. i've tried not picking, i've tried yoga, i've cleansed with the master cl