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  1. Hi! So I have a dermatologist's appointment in the next few weeks, and I'm unsure if I should ask her for Spironolactone for my hormonal acne. Background: I have had severe cystic/nodular acne in the past. I took Accutane and was clear for about one year, but it has come back since. However, it has come back only during my cycle... so every month, I have 2 weeks of clear, flawless skin, and 2 weeks of crazy, hormonal acne. I'm not sure if it's cystic, but it is pretty bad and I need to do somet
  2. fa la la

    Cleans well, does not cause breakouts, does not make skin feel dry I use a facial brush with this cleanser and together they remove my thick makeup really well. However, if I were to just use my fingers, it would not remove my makeup as well. I used the one for sensitive skin while I was on Accutane, and I still use it today. I don't think I'll ever buy another cleanser again. It's gentle, but my skin always feels clean afterwards. I like how mild it is because I feel that harsh, abrasive cleans
  3. fa la la

    Easy to take (can eat with meals, just not dairy) I think it made my red marks more prominent, did not work at all to help my acne I took Minocycline for about 5 months, and it did not improve my skin within that time period at all. On the contrary, my skin worsened to the point where I had to take Accutane. I'm not sure if Minocycline is the reason for this, or if it was just bound to happen anyway. The 5 months I had taken Minocycline were the worst 5 months of my life, because my skin was so
  4. fa la la

    Easy to take, gets rid of oily skin (and hair), and most of all, it gets rid of acne! I got really bad eczema while on Accutane (my derm prescribed me some cream for that), some minor aches and pains, and nosebleeds. Also, Accutane left pretty bad scarring on my skin, in texture (indented scars, which I had never gotten before), and hyperpigmentation. Blood tests monthly. Accutane changed my life. I had pretty severe acne that would cluster in groups on my face, as well as extremely oily skin. I
  5. Oh geez. Okay I think I'm just going to tough it out. Accutane side effects are enough on its own. Thanks again
  6. How bad does the inflammation have to be prescribed prednisone? And are most dermatologists willing to prescribe it? Thanks for all your input!
  7. I'm starting accutane tomorrow, which I am very excited about. However, I have some big events coming up in about 2-3 weeks, and I am very afraid that I will get an initial breakout during this time period, as my skin is very congested and severely broken out as it is. I've read around that people have taken prednisone temporarily to help their inflammation from their breakouts. So if I do end up needing it, do I go to my dermatologist or general practitioner? How easily do they prescribe this
  8. Oh man, maybe that's why my acne has been so bad. I just checked my products, and they all have butylene glycol in them! Well, maybe my face will clear up if I stop using them.
  9. Hello! I'm new here too! I definately understand what you are going through, especially at such a young age (I'm 15) Did your mom have acne when she was younger? If she did, maybe she would understand what you are going through. She might even be able to help you! I also had trouble talking to my mom about it, but you just have to say it and get it over with, then you will feel much better. Sometimes she was understanding, othertimes she was insensitive. But at least she will know that you are