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  1. Day 2 Alright so I decided to take a break from the Accutane and let everything heal up and then wait some more and now I'm good to go! I restarted April 1 so today was my second day. Everything seems normal for now and I've been making sure to drink a lot of water. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can finally start and finish this course!
  2. I would try not to pick at or squeeze anything. I've been on it for less than a month and already started noticing that I was scarring at the one or two that I did pick at.
  3. Is there anyone else who's had this problem? I'm not quite sure what to do and I'm getting scared about what might happen if it doesn't heal by the end of this week...
  4. How are you doing with those side effects now?
  5. I decided I'm going to stop taking Accutane for a week or two until my anal fissure heals. Its been really painful and I'm pretty sure the accutane caused it in the first place because it happened right when I started this stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  6. Hi, so your cumulative will have been 8700 and if you weigh 75kg, your cumulative dose will be 116.
  7. Week 3I made an appointment with my dermatologist for March 5. I'm just going to hope that she'll understand my situation and will allow me to continue under her care even though I'll be getting my prescription from abroad. I really just want her to tell me how much to be using and to monitor my blood stuff. Let's keep our fingers crossed! I don't know what I'll do otherwise. I'm pretty broken out with about five cysts on my chin and jaw and three on my cheeks. I'm trying hard not to pick at t
  8. Sounds strange because you're definitely not supposed to be using Differin while on Accutane.
  9. I noticed dry lips and a dry nose within my first week as well so its normal. You might be stressing yourself out about your side effects to the point where you're making them worse so try to relax a bit (I know its hard!).
  10. So I think there is something important I should mention. I had blood tests done during my first month on Accutane. However, since I turned 22 in January, my insurance through my dad was cut off. I was unable to apply for my own health insurance because they denied me due to acne treatment. HOW MESSED UP IS THAT?? UGH! So now I have insurance with BlueCross BlueShield but I chose not to disclose that I had acne when I applied for it. Thus, I can't get Accutane through insurance and I decided I'm
  11. I haven't heard of it. What are you using it for...as a moisturizer?
  12. It definitely is! Make sure you're drinking a LOT of water!!
  13. Only your dermatologist can really decide whats best. But remember, you have to hit a 120 mg/kg cumulative dose in order for accutane to be most effective. However, I have seen people on here who have been on "maintenance doses" and they seem to be doing well.
  14. You should definitely be moisturizing at night. In fact, I would lather on more then than you normally do during the day. Its really helped me with the dry skin. I use Olay Complete as well and I love it. It doesn't give you that greasy feeling at all but still moisturizes as well. When my face is incredibly dry, I'll put some Aquaphor on before I go to bed about once a week. I hate the feeling but it really does help. Also, drink A LOT of water. It was hard for me at first but I forced myself t
  15. Week 2The side effects have definitely increased, but nothing that's impacting my life greatly. My face is a lot drier and my lips are always chapped unless I put on lip balm or Aquaphor. I've noticed that its taking longer for cuts to heal. I got two paper cuts at work this week and usually, they would have healed and disappeared by now but this time they're still there! I got my first anal fissure ever (google it) and oh my god it will not heal. It is seriously the most painful thing ever. I