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  1. You're not going to eat anything for 21 days? Please tell me I'm misunderstanding something here... Yes! Nothing but 2 liters of water a day.
  2. I'm actually starting a water fast tomorrow so I'll give you feedback on how my pores react it. I'm going for 21 days, let's see what happens. I'll post every few days.
  3. I have this problem too (more serious probably), it's effecting me worse than the spots I get around my chin area. I've just started using a product called "Roc renewex microdermabrasion kit" since it's got good reviews on pore size. I'll give you feedback on how well it works.
  4. Nice to meet you! My name is Leon. I've suffered from acne mildly since high school, my problem area is around my chin area (mostly by where you smile). I usually get the odd spot one after the other, I never get massive breakouts but I'm still effected by it since red marks are left behind. I rarely get spots on my cheeks and I also suffer from having horrible blackheads/large nose pores. Since my recent online studies go, I'm sure I have hyperpigmentation in these areas. I've pretty much bee