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  1. Yes, that's what I do. Can you give us some details? Ratio? What do you think about Paula's Choice products (some nicianamide in the moisturizer)? I found them to be pretty effective, but they do have some suspect ingredients (like parabens).
  2. from pubmed: BACKGROUND. Systemic and topical antimicrobials are effective in the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris; however, widespread use of these agents is becoming increasingly associated with the emergence of resistant pathogens raising concerns about microorganism resistance and highlighting the need for alternative nonantimicrobial agents for the treatment of acne. Nicotinamide gel provides potent antiinflammatory activity without the risk of inducing bacterial resistance. METHOD
  3. The site looks like a scam, but the idea is on track. You can just make your own, I believe, with aloe and Niacinamide pills. I'm not sure what the exact method is though.
  4. I'm not sure about supplements, but I am very curious about topical use and not "outgrowing" acne. I'm 22 and I have acne worse now that I ever had during puberty. I have done all the traditional methods short of accutane, and I am back on benzoyl peroxide. I'm worried that BP (which I used for about 4 years consistently) has depleted my face's natural defenses and equilibrium. Then again, I have no idea (nor will I ever) what my skin would be like now if I had done nothing. Psychologically, I w
  5. I made it two weeks before giving in to the warmth. It did really help with reducing inflammation, but I still got breakouts. Soon I'm going to try to make it a month, but it's starting to get colder out.
  6. Linking short life spans to cold water is pretty silly. I have no problem with TCM, though I have not spent a lot of time researching it. What do they say about cold water? I agree that jumping into a freezing shower when your body temperature is very high is probably not the best idea. However, after I have recovered from a work out, a cold shower feels great and leaves me energized. To each his own.
  7. Can you please provide some references for this information? I don't really buy the cold water entering the pores and causing sickness. I would be willing to bet that the majority of our evolution took place with bathing in cold water.
  8. It has been one week. The only water to touch my body/face has been cold. I'm still breaking out, but I do feel better and there is less irritation/redness. I'm going to add some tea tree oil to my aloe verra.
  9. I'm going to add this to what I am doing. I am going to do only cold water for one month. If nothing else it is a great mental exercise. I will report back.
  10. Could you pm/link/post some of the negatives you have been finding? I would like to read them. Thanks!
  11. I'm on the no soy side of the debate, it doesn't agree with my system. I've found that hemp products are a great alternative (hemp milk, protein powder... etc). It is one of the only other complete proteins.
  12. What is the best way to go about finding problem foods? I know there are allergy tests out there, but do people mostly do elimination diets? I would love to find out if I have food sensitivities, but it's not like you eat something and you instantly break out (for me at least).
  13. Hey all, I have been going more and more holistic to try and mitigate my acne, but I have still been unable to divorce myself from topicals (I will soon, hopefully. I am going to try and reduce use to once a day and then stop). Right now I am on Benzaclin (which is a combo clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide), and I read that some may be getting absorbed into the blood stream. Should I take some probiotics similar to if I was on an oral antibiotic? I took oral antibiotics years ago and did not ha