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    some pics of me

    a few scars some acne..pain in the neck
  2. so yeah i've battled acne for quite some time. and i have something that really works. i was on accutane that cleared me up nicely. but got pimples afterwards. here is the recipe for success. morning.... use neutrogena pore refining cleanser- this gets all that grimy stuff off your face. IMPORTANT! for guys....then shave with gel and a mach 3 razor.....this seems to exfoliate the outer skin. next get back in the shower and apply oxy 10 max. strength bp lotion...this seems to sooth the skin
  3. yeah der....don't understand
  4. Hey i've done this treatment for two days...so far so good....no serious changes but i do notice slightly more even skin tone...i really hope it gets ride of the marks and scars. Some questions.... Do you use BP when you're on this treatment? I don't be i'm thinking i might. Also does your skin turn red when you use it?
  5. yeah i just used it last night....def a diffferent kind of feeling....i feel like some pore might have opened up that were blocked....not too much of a difference but it didn't do anything bad either...i'll post every couple days to let you know of anything diffferent or good...take care everyone.
  6. well i have asian skin...went on accutane worked well...but have scars...hoping that this will help me out....i'll keep you posted..i have shallow scars and some discoloration and unever skin....so i hope this does the trick.
  7. Ok i've been on the regimen for about 4 months....and it really cleared me up and made the pimples i get simply whiteheads. I began to realized that my skin was getting really dried out and wrinkly due to the bp gel. even though i moisturized i didn't get the right texture. The past few days i'm just been washin with cetaphil twice a day and puttin on the lotion and it's been working well. my pores stay clear. however when i look in the mirror i have better texture, but my face gets oil
  8. ok so do you people find that your acne gets better in the winter or worse. mine seems to get better. alos i'm gettin wrinkles in my skin from the regimen any ideas? lastly does anyone find tight leather gloves attractive for winter as opposed to fleece ones....i got a pair and i was wondering what you think they'd be like on an asian guy. thanks
  9. Well i have a good regimen that works really really well.... Cetaphil as a shaving cream works sooo well!!!!! I was with a benzole peroxide wash..only 2.5 to get dirty out. Then i use the cetaphil to create a nice lather on my face. It seems to work really well. as the cleanser seems to get underneath my skin and exfoliate. I use an electric razor which i think works best. Run it under warm or hot water for a minute. then shave with the grain. after shaving go back in the shower and us
  10. Well this is my first post. I'm a 19/m who is in college and have stuggled with acne for a long time. I know that my skin will never be perfect but this regimen has helped alot esp for post-accutance treatment. I have really oily skin. And i've found that this works really well. 1) Wash with cetaphil twice a day. Apply bp gel while skin is a little damp in the morning. At night apply a thin layer of cetaphil cleanser as a cream. Then shave with warm water. I use a electic shaver. Thi