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  1. I am nearly 38 years old, mom of 3, social worker, and grad student. I didn't have a problem with acne until I was around 30 when I started getting cystic acne. I started accutane approximately 3 weeks ago (seems like WAY longer) and everyday I wake up with more and more HUGE cysts on my face. I'm about 128 lbs and have been on 40mg 2x a day. I used to be extremely oily, but now I have dandruff and if I try to cover up the breakouts it looks scaley and nasty. I just want to crawl into bed and st
  2. I just started accutane (40mg) 7 days ago and am experiencing the yucky peeling lips. I have several different products-carmex, blistex, chapstick, vaseline, but the one I just found that I like most is Neosporin LT lip treatment. It feels silky, not waxy and has a pleasant citrus smell/taste. It has an analgesic in it that is soothing. This helped me so I wanted to pass it along. One question, does the dry uncomfortable skin and lips last the entire accutane treatment or will it eventually impr