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  1. I have thought this also... but you won't know any results until after doing this for 2 or 3 months. You need at least 30+ daily. Keep us updated!
  2. there is V-beam but i think it leaves a bruise for a week and you have to do it once per week for at least month to see results
  3. it has good fats and may lower your cholesterol but i dont think it will help your skin.... you can try it and see what happens.. but it sure hasn't helped me.
  4. most likely it's the carrots... if it's either of those two. Carrots have betacaroten which is converted to vitamin a as the body needs it. and vitamin a or derivatives of it of are of coure used in many acne products like accutane
  5. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...6060400603.html Legion of Little Helpers in the Gut Keeps Us Alive By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, June 5, 2006; A06 So you think you are the self-reliant type. A rugged individualist. Well, give it up. You'd be nothing without the trillions of microbial minions toiling in your large intestine, performing crucial physiological functions that your highfalutin human cells wouldn't have a clue how to do. That's one of the humbl
  6. i'll have to increase my cardio workouts. jogging 4 miles 3x per week should be enough. its gonna make so frickin skinny though.
  7. i gave up on this about 4-5 weeks in when i kept breaking out for a week... i know of i should of kept going but i just didnt feel like it... doing the two lights was taking up like almost an hour of my day... i may start doing it again but with just the blue light but that depends on how much trial time i have left with the sci/art.. but i dont think it will work.
  8. i've been using the sci/art system for a few weeks and it has worked great so far. Breakouts have reduced a lot. Plus, i think i found out where you can get the sci art bulbs for cheap... blue http://www.bulbman.com/index.php?main_page...roducts_id=7380 red http://www.bulbman.com/index.php?main_page...roducts_id=7383 gaffer grip http://www.smithvictor.com/products/detail...nm=GAFFER+GRIP+ i'm still a little iffy about the safety of using these flood lights on your skin.........but those are
  9. i finally got my sci/art that i ordered from kaliszincolor.com. They only sent me 1 blue bulb even though i ordered and payed for both a red and a blue. Also, the papers that came with it look kind of dirty and they say that you only get a 60 day trial period as opposed to a 12 week trial that they say on there website. So, this doesnt seem to be going real smooth so far.
  10. Wolf, i just ordered a sci/art and it comes with 2 bulbs (red and blue) and a grip fixture. I do both bulbs once a day for 10mins, correct?
  11. Wolfkeeper, you've been using hibiclens along with the blue light treatment?
  12. Wolfkeeper, you've been using hibiclens along with the light?
  13. Amazon.com has verilux($200) and naturebright($159) acne lamps. Both come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.
  14. Naturebright says this on their website: "Clinical-proven 435nm blue light kills bacteria and 660 nm red light heals wounds." In the study they used 415nm blue light bulbs. Do you think this matters? Between the Verilux and the Naturebright systems, which do you think is best?