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  1. I started March 1st and for the first 2 months I had killer nose bleeds, but they have subsided. I still get them, but not as often. Maybe 2 or 3 a month now.
  2. 599.99 per box and the dosage has not has an effect on the price so far.
  3. I have to have about 8 or 9 in all. 2 before I went on Accutane and then one for every month that I am on Accutane. I also think I have to have blood drawn a month after I finish Accutane. I am not sure how many months I will be on Accutane for, so I am not sure exactly how many blood tests I will have to take. They take about 3 mins. I got stuck w/ one needle and they took 2 viles of blood. I don't think I would have time to turn my ipod on. Try not to freak yourself out about it too much. Yo
  4. Has anyone use the Acne Mark Fading peel by Neutrogena? I am on Accutane and my intial breakout was kind of brutal. I have red marks all over my face and I was looking for somethign to help get rid of the marks. Has anyone used any acne fading product that worked? Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. I have to get two boxes a month because my dosage is 60mg and it cost me about 900.00 for both boxes w/ out insurance.
  6. Sunlight can cause an increased production of skin oils, which may make acne worse. Exposure to small amounts of sun is not bad, but baking in it can cause damage. I notice that in the summer when I go to the beach my skin clears up. I spend a little time in sun and slahter on the sunscreen to make sure I don't get burned. I have a friend who is constantly out in the sun and never protects herself. She thinks her skin looks better than when she is not tan. I think the reason she thinks her
  7. My derm told me that is entirley normal for people not to see results until their last month. Don't lose hope. There is still plenty of time for the meds. to kick it. Good luck!
  8. My derm informed that more often than not people get IB. I was one of them. It is pretty brutal.
  9. I have been on Accutane for about 6 weeks and I am healing sooooo slow. I scratched myself a few weeks ago and it looks like I just did it. My face is taking a really long time to heal too. I am not sure how long you should wait, but if it were me I would hold off. You derm could give you an idea.
  10. I am not a huge fan of the Avenno on my face. I do love the aquaphor. It seems to really keep my lips moist for a long time. It also makes them puffy.
  11. I have acne like yours and my derm prescribed me Accutane. I started getting acne about 3 years ago and tried many different meds. My intial breakout wasn't horrible, but it was bad. I am not use to getting acne like I did, so it was a shock. I would say the actually break out only lasted a few days. It has been over a month and my face has calmed down. It is healing, but not perfect yet. I am happy w/ the progress so far.
  12. I had my roots touched up a few days again and it stung a little, but nothing major. I am fine. I was in highschool and a friend of mine was taking Accutane. I didn't really know anything about the drug at that time. We waxed her eyebrows and when I removed the first wax strip a chunk of skin came Off with it. The skin was in the shape of a pyrmaid. She screamed and eyes starting tearing up. It was really wicked looking. She said she can't remember when something hurt that bad. I know these
  13. I would say around the 2 nd week I notice a slight difference. Yesterday was my 30th day and I can really tell a difference now. My hair and face are not greasy at all. I started on 40 mgs a day too.
  14. I just finished them about 5 mins. ago. The contraception part was the problem for me. You have to put the same thing that you derm puts and in the same order. The wanted to know you primary form and secondary form. My derms office mixed up the order, so it kept telling me to contact my prescriber. The second part are questions about Accutane, pregnancy and giving blood. They are all mulitple choice and all were easy. One question was what are the signs of pregnancy. Another question was w
  15. Everything you are going through is normal. I was on Amnesteen for the first month and starting on Wednesday I will be starting on Sortet. My derm prescribed both of them, so if they were not both effective then she would not have prescribed them. Good luck!
  16. Day 29 I go for my monthly check up today at the derm. I will get my new precriptoin- I hope everything goes smoothly w/ ipledge. I am confident that it will because my derm has really been on top of things. They seem to have a pretty good handle on what is going on. My skin is really calming down. The red marks are slowly fading. My cheecks feel like they are smoothing out too. Nothing really exciting to report as far as the skin goes.
  17. 1. How long after starting accutane does the initial breakout arrive? (if it does that is) 1 week 2. How long until you start to see an improvement in your skin? within the first month ( I will be finishing up my 1st month on 3/28) 3. How long before you start to feel the side effects, like dry lips or whateveR? The morning after I took my first pill. Where my nose meets my face it was dry. It wasn't too bad, but it was definatley dry. About 2 weeks in my mouth started to get really dry and I
  18. I love keeping track of my progess. I have been on Accutane for 23 days and I already see a big improvement. Keeping track of your progess is a good idea in case you have any problems. Doctors like to know when things started happening to you. Keep up drinking the water. I know you said you are afraid to use the Aquaphor, but I have had really good results w/ it so far. Good luck!
  19. No, I do get my period. This month for example. I took the last ACTUAL birth control pill on Sunday March 12th. The placebo pill started on Monday March 13th. I didn't take any placebo pills, so for 7 days I did not take birth control. Then started Monday March 20th I started back up on the actual pill. I have considered skipping the placebo and going non stop birth control pill, because I only plan to be on BC while on Accutane. 6 months w/ out a period just sounds totally kick butt
  20. I will be going to the derm on Monday for my first month check up while on Accutane. How often did you'll get you dosage uped? I am currently on 40 mg once a day- just wondering if my dosage will be uped this month or in the future. I know everyone is different, but I was wondering how it went for you. Thanks for any input.
  21. It is so AWESOME not to have greasy hair, Tennessee. It so freakin exciting. Day 23 My skin is looking better every day. My face is still healing from my intial breakout. I am sporadiclly getting zits every few days, but they pop up and dissapear w/ in the same day. My nose has become really dry in past two days. It is pealing and flaking like crazy. The rest of my face has started to dry too. It has been my nose, but now my forehead and checks are also starting to dry. Everything is go
  22. I usually skip the placebo and start my new pack normally. Like AmberLynn said, they are just a sugar pill. It is just there so you are in the habit of taking your pill and you know what day you are on.
  23. If you know you are not going to be having sex for sure then it will be fine if you don't take it. I have been considering stop taking the BC. I am not a big fan of taking medications that I don't need and I don't need the BC. Your derm will not know. You just have to pick up the BC prescription every month.