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  1. I took Accutane in 2009. If you look through my posting history, I actually kept a log of my course on this site. My skin cleared up, I got into my dream university, everything seemed wonderful. And then I got really, really depressed. Let me say that there's no history of depression or anxiety on either side of my family. I also haven't had any extremely distressing or negative events happen to me in the last several years, so logically there's no explanation for why I became depressed. My
  2. I miss youuu! So happy for you + your clear skin bella! =]

  3. HELLO EVERYONE!!! and hello to the 3 new people, nice to meet you! well, i would post what day it was in bold at the beginning but honestly, i have no idea! here's the story: i went to see my derma for my last checkup for accutane (woop woop) and she goes, "honey, i think it's time to bump up your dosage." and i was like WTF? i am clear! for my 5th month i got put on 80mg/day even though i wasn't getting any more acne! i went with it because i just thought hey, she knows better than i do lol
  4. Hi Bella! I hope your having a great summer. Miss ya!

    PS - Good girl wearing SPF Kajillion on your face at that pool party. Too bad you're all the way in Chicago and I'm in Canada, or we could swin *cough* tan together without foundation. True freedom!

    Take care girlie!!!

  5. 1) 16 years old! 60mg/day. today is day 108! 2) CLEANSER: Philosophy Purity one-step cleanser when there's a sink, Evian mist if i'm on the go! 3) MOISTURIZER: AM: Clinique Moisture Surge Gel PM: Philosophy Hope in a Jar mixed with one Booster Cap (retinol and vitamin capsule, gets rid of scars yayyyyy! and smells good, mmm) 4) SPOT TREATMENT: none 5) RED MARK TREATMENT: i didn't have red marks i just had scars...but the Booster Caps are a godsend! those scars are fading so fast and i've o
  6. hey there! awww, you are sweet :) hooray chicago kids! no, my school and gbn are basically RIVALS! because of a certain incident involving piss filled balloons and the such...heehee i was gonna see if anyone went there so i could be like "HEY i've heard only bad stuff about your school but since you're on here you must be pretty cool!" but i do know a lizz e and a karen v :) DAY 108!!!!! one word: SHAZAM!!!!!!!!!! after a whole week of gross rainy ickyness, it is finally summer weather!
  7. i really enjoy your blogs. im about to start accutane tomorrow and am pretty nervous! i jus hope it works

    <3 Brit

  8. good:) i only like people who smile. it's too bad youre not smiling in ur pic :P

  9. awwww you are so sweet! that made me smile =)

  10. mmm me too =)

    with tons of whipped cream of course! haha

  11. DAY 92!!! well...school is OVER!!! hello, SENIOR YEAR!! wooooo!!! well, summer school starts wednesday but that'll be okay, a bunch of my friends are in my class! and it's only 3 weeks! heeheeeee plus, no dress code and then college applications blehhhhh the schools i was planning on applying for (columbia, uchicago, washu) are all out of reach because this semester i kinda slacked and got a bunch of Bs :( and my school is freaking crazy competitive, because of those few Bs my rank went do
  12. you sound so easygoing about the negatives of your accutane adventure. oh to be as jubilant as you; people like you are awesome

  13. I like pecan pie

  14. HEY GIRL!! =) aww rash i went to my derma for mine and she gave me a sample of this one cream Topicort and it went away in a day! i didn't even make an appointment hopefully yours will go away soon! from now on your skin can only get BETTER!!! yayyyyyy!! it will be there soon! and YAYYYY SUMMER! 2 weeks left of school for me ...including finals! woopdeedooooo! but then i have to take consumers ed so i can graduate blehhhhh. you're lucky you're in college and classes are over?
  15. hey there! :) YAYYY! i'm excited for you!!! i'm currently on 60 mg/day (20 at breakfast, 40 at dinner!) when i started, oh dear, it was embarrassing! a little while back it was still "normal acne" which was moderate but then this school year it got super bad...i'd get tons of cysts on my face at a time and they'd stay for at least a week then turn weird colors! and on my forehead they'd always grow on top of each other (eww) and it's gross but if i sneezed really hard they'd like...pop :sh