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  1. buy a good electric shaver, a $50 model will suck, you need to spend about $130 to get one that works right, it is well worth the money
  2. Dr. Orentriech and Dr. Paul Frank are boith experienced with fillers for acne scars.
  3. You can tell Emu oil has gone bad when it starts shoplifting, it's only a matter of time before it starts stealing cars, kidnapping, etc.
  4. I heard of this doctor from this web site. I actually tried him after talking with kkhajavi about his experience with Dr. Orentriech not seeing any results and then trying Dr. Frank and seeing results.
  5. only took a couple days for me as well, i have ordered from them several times in the past and plan to again in the future
  6. Dr. Frank mentoned nothing about a double dose but he said that .4 CC is the most he will inject in any one visit "for health reasons".
  7. well, went to Dr. Frank today and had the first series of silicone injections with him. He was surprised to hear I had minimal results with Orentriech and he was very confident he could give me the results I am looking for. I could immediately tell Dr. Frank was more thorough with his injections. He injected each scar several times from several different angles, were as Orentriech did one quick injection in each scar. I must say though that both Orentrich and Dr. Frank were very nice and very pr
  8. I have an appt with Dr. Frank on 5-6-05. Did you have your treatment on your first visit or did you have to come back?
  9. I have noticed that about 6 - 12 months after subcision with Dr. Rapaport that the scars i noticed the most improvement on started to re-appear.
  10. I agree with Stamanda 100%. Same exact situation. Accutane definately caused more scarring for me, I regret taking it.
  11. hey kkhajavi, I just read you post about wondering if we are all wasting our time, but here you are posting 85% improvement with LIS? Are you happy with your improvement? I'd kill for 85% improvement (not literally but you know what I mean)
  12. Oh yeah, and do you by any chance have before and after pics?
  13. Do you have contact info for Dr. Frank? Also, how much did he charge?
  14. I agree, I have had a few silicone injections by Dr. orentriech in NY. Although I have not realized an 85% improvement I do agree with your assesment of the risks. How deep were your scars and how many treatments did you have? How long before you noticed your results?