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  1. Thanks Lamarr, I will do a little experimenting and let you know what I find. Worst case scenario, I may just need to rinse my hair in the morning before minox though. Otherwise, I think I've got a good thing going. Thanks for all the support. JP
  2. Hey Lamarr, Yeah, i was just dreaming about any systemic effects helping with my body hair itching, LOL. Anyway, anti histamines are a great idea as they also help me sleep. I was already considering using them again. I have another question though. I have been applying the essential oil mix at night. My night regime is now: minox - 1 hour - Clobetasol - 1 hour - essential oils --> sleep. In the morning, first thing, I apply minox and do my morning routine- breakfast, read paper, worko
  3. Hey Necromancer, Thought I would just chime in. I took accutane almost ten years ago specifically to address bacne. I would break out on my face a bit too, but it wasn't that bad. I was 155lbs, and did 40/80mg alternating days for 8 months or so. It went on so long because my back would not clear up. Three things: 1. Yes, my face broke out very badly. 2. Though I have only had a handful of zits on my face since treatment (essentially cured), my bacne came back. Not nearly as bad, bu
  4. Thanks for the info Lamarr. I agree with that. The first two years were really bad and then it just kind of stabilized. I clearly still shed, but am continuously re-growing hair, and only over time has this led to thinning. I have basically given up hope on any temple re-growth, but if I can thwart the shedding I am sure I will regain considerable density, and hopefully be able to grow my hair out longer. btw, how far in front of the hair line do you apply the steroids? I have about a 1/4"
  5. Thanks lamarr, It is clear to me that you are also a highly intelligent dude, and that you have done all your homework. I will take your advice and go with the every other day routine. I'm gonna see what kind of coverage I get with the solution, and decide on mL/day from there. Probably 1.5-2mL, we'll see. Also, I'll go ahead and start with a 100 diode setup for the lasers and build up from there. I will definitely keep everyone informed as to my progress. Btw, has anyone heard from Juliu
  6. Thanks Lamarr, Wow, that is my kind of project. I will be constructing my own as soon as this term ends and I have some spare time. How many diodes do you currently use? And does this cover your entire scalp or must you reposition every couple minutes? I can see the advantages in convenience from a helmet type that covers the entire scalp, but from a cost perspective I can imagine easily constructing a dense panel, and moving it around a couple times. What is your take on this? I know overm
  7. Thanks lamarr, 6 months is exactly what I was thinking. I am planning on continuing the minox twice a day for the first 3 months, and then add in xandrox 15 at night for months 3-6, and of course do shed counts and shaved photos at each transition. I may decide to wait for the xandrox until month 6, so as to single out the efficacy of the steroids as much as possible. I started the essential oil mix last night, so I will continue this as well. I have a question about the lasers though. I a
  8. Hey everyone, I saw a derm today and wanted to let everyone know what I learned. My main goal was to get advice concerning the use of long term topical steroids on the scalp, but I also got sidetracked with discussion of accutane induced hair loss in general. I could have been more prepared, but spent the last week straight in architecture studio working on a project that was due yesterday. Anyway… For reference, this derm is partners with the number one hair loss derm in my state, who h
  9. Thanks Lamarr, I am glad to hear how the essentials work, as that is precisely what I need. I will check out the lasers too. I am almost hoping to see good results just so I can encourage others to help themselves. I figure if I see results after 10 years, others could certainly benefit more with immediate action. I will come up with a solid game plan when I go to see the derm, but my mom will be the one to prescribe me steroids. She really just wants the advice of a derm on managing long
  10. Yes, I can't quite remember, but I definitely noticed receding soon after tane. I'd say it was rapid at first, and then slowly took some more for the first five years. I really think the hairline kinda stopped going around then, but I was definitely still shedding all over, mainly the top. About three years ago I started using finasteride, and have used minox as well. The fin may have further halted the hair line, but I continue to shed. I think when I use the minox consistently it at least
  11. Hey cmerski, Good to hear you’re getting started early. I'm 25 and took accutane almost 10 years ago, and am only now aiming treatment for hair loss in the right direction. I wanted to offer some hope in that I have been continually shedding between 100-250 or so hairs a day since my course, and still have a decent head of hair. My hairline went right away, and I assumed a Norwood ii by the time I was 18, maybe earlier, but have only very gradually thinned out elsewhere. What I have notic
  12. Thanks again lamarr, I am currently shedding 100+ a day from all over my head, but mainly the top. I would say it has varied over the last several years between 50 and 200+. It had to be well over 200 in the first few years post tane though. Seems to coincide with stress also. I also notice that most of the shad hairs (75%) seem to be miniaturized and shorter than the rest of my hair, and as I said earlier, about 25% exhibit clear exclamation pointing. Also, every one of my hairs seems to
  13. Thanks lamarr, My mom is a doctor, but she is no derm and is being very hesitant about the idea of me going on topicals for an extended period of time. She understands that the scalp is thick, and absorbs less, and is thus less susceptible to atrophy, but she is very concerned that the topical will unintentionally end up on my face skin, which is very susceptible. How do you deal with this issue? Any tips? Also, from your experiences do you think after 10 years I have a chance of any regrowt
  14. I feel that there is a need for me to warn you regarding steriod injection. Steriod injection can thin out your scalp and make things worse so I feel that you should reconsider if you should continues this option. If you really want to (even though I don't agree with it) then maybe you would like to try out what lamarr has been doing, which is applying topical steriod solution once daily. Max whats wrong with what lamaar is doing?I understand there are certain risk and dangers associated with
  15. It comes and goes, but is very intense when active. I have scratched till raw on numerous occasions. The funny thing is that it usually pops up in several places at once, and affects basically every part of my body except my back, where I don't have hair? My scalp itches too, but hasn't been intense like the rest of my body for several years. It was definitely the worst in the beginning though.