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  1. Okay, I can answer your second but not your first cause I don't drink. Carmex has lip balm in a stick that works wonders!!!
  2. Thanks everyone for replying! I know, it's cute that my mom cares so much and I'll definitely call my derm. if it happens again. Wow, Frankie, that would be embarrasing!! Poor you!!
  3. Can it? This morning I was standing up while my mom was cutting my hair and I fainted. But I hadn't eatem dinner last night because we were out late and then I hadn't eaten breakast yet either. Please say this isn't a side effect of Accutane because if it is, then my mom's making me stop taking it.
  4. Okay, I pick my skin sometimes (I know I'm not supoosed to and I really wanna stop but it's a big problem that I have) and I found a good way to heal up the skin faster! At night, put a dab of Vitamin E oil on the spot and let it soak in overnight. The next day, the skin should have formed a scab but DON'T PEEL IT OFF!! Keep putting Vitamin E oil on it every night until it's completely healed up. It usually takes about a week, sometimes even less. Or, you could also use Cliniques Intensive Ni
  5. I would take it! I too was a little nervous to start it and I couldn't decide if I even wanted to go on it! But if dry lips and skin id the price you pay for clear skin, then I'm def. willing! I would talk to your mom and dad and derm if you're really nervous but I would seriously consider taking Accutane!
  6. Thanks!! I'm going to look up products with glycolic acid in them and if I don't find anything I'll use that one you suggested! Thanks so much!!
  7. Month 2, Day 28: Okay, sorry it's been a while!! I'm a little upset because I got like 4 new pimples but don't worry, it's not near as bad as it used to be during that one week of the month. I have an urgent question for all of you!!!! How can I even out my skin tone?? It's really blotchy and my mom says I can't use ACV because it's an acid! Please help, I need your advice!
  8. Okay, so I'm on Accutane and I barely have any pimple right now! But, my skin is really blotchy! Does anybody have any ideas on how to even it out. My mom won't let me use ACV because she said that I can't put acid on my face. Please help!!
  9. Month 2, Day 24: Sorry I haven't updated in a while but there really isn't that much to tell you guys except that my face is pretty clear!! The redmarks are like alomst completely faded and I have only got like 2 new pimples this week but that could be because of another problem that come once every month (girls know what I'm talking about). But that's pretty much it!! Yay!
  10. That's great!!! Congratulations to you too!! Don't worry, your redmarks will fade pretty soon, if you put lotion that has soy in it on your face, then it helps a lot!! Thanks so much for replying!~ It's nice to see that other people are having as great of results as I am!!
  11. Month 2, Day 19: Same thing!! I'm really happy with the results so far!!
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating it is to not have good skin but I cannot imagine how you feel!! What kind of moisturiser are you using?? Cetaphil is like the best out there; if you're not using that, give it a try. You might think that the durg (I'm guessing it's Accutane) isn't working at all but a lot of people have said that they didn't see results until months after their last month. If it is really bothering you, than you should see your dermatologist. Maybe you could get
  13. I'm on day 49 and trust me, you will probably see great results after the first month even!! Don't be too sure that you will thought because everyone's skin is different! But trust me, you will be happy that you ever went on this drug, the results are amazing!!! I only break out like once a week and it is usually 1-2 small pimples! My skin isn't dry but its because I moisturise everyday with Cetaphil (the BEST!) and I constantly put Carmex on my lips! Good luck, you'll be glad you ever went on A