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  1. <sigh> I understand how frustrating that can be : ( I'm usually pretty sensitive to this sort of thing too. The other day my mother-in-law was like "Oh no, what happened? Did you get mosquito bites"?? I was so embarassed and upset. No, not mosquito bites. Just my darn acne flaring up. Anyway! luckily you're well on your way to clearer skin with the Regimen.
  2. Hi there! I'm so glad to hear things are going well for you too : ) jojoba oil really made all the difference for me last week. I had to stop applying the BP a few times because I was getting scabs! Yikes. Let's hope that our 4th week goes better than the 3rd : ) It's nice to have someone at exactly the same place so we can compare notes and stay encouraged. Hope you have a great week!!
  3. The last week has been much better than when I last posted. First, the jojoba oil I bought from Whole Foods worked like a charm! I also learned this weekend that Trader Joe's carries jojoba oil as well so I bought theirs too. The Whole Foods one only dispensed 6 or so drops at a time and I was getting too oily. The Trader Joe's version lets me tailor how much I need, drop by drop. I've found 3-4 drops is more than enough. Anyway, adding the jojoba oil has made a big difference and helped the fla
  4. <sigh> i feel your pain... you are not alone!!! are you using dan's regimen?? i've currently been trying it and have been super dry and flaky on it. jojoba oil mixed in with my moisturizer has really been helping. it's frustrating because i keep getting cysts... i think they are horomonal and there's nothing i can do to stop them. i can't use retin-a because i'm trying to get pregnant, but for me, the combination of retin-a and duac (benzoyl peroxide/clyndamycin blend) helped tremendously.
  5. hi there! it seems like we started the Regimen around the same time. it makes me feel so much better to read your blog, it helps to know someone is going through the same things. i'm excited to hear things are looking up today! i too have been really dry but i'm not getting as much of the redness or burning. i've been keeping a blog of my progress in case you want more details. i've found the jojoba oil really helps. if your'e already burning then i wouldn't recommend the AHA+ lotion. also, mayb
  6. A few set-backs since I last wrote. #1) that moderate pimple turned into a cyst yesterday. It came to a head last night but little came out when I tried to pop it. Tried again this morning & had better luck. Exciting because it should flatten out now right? Wrong. This evening, it remains raised in all of its inflamed glory. However frustrated I am, I'm distracted by issue #2) DRYNESS. FLAKINESS. SCALES. out of nowhere, my skin has gone from taught from the BP to full out scaly and flaky.
  7. Hi everyone, So I am 10 days into the Regimen. I've experienced a fair amount of dryness, as promised. I haven't tried the jojoba oil because I'm afraid to add oil to my skin, but I have used lots and lots of moisturizer. I've been especially dry on my chin and around my mouth. I've been pretty impressed by Dan's treatment --- it dries clear, is really lightweight, and allows me to put on my make-up after moisturizer without it looking fake or strange. The big cyst on my right cheek is
  8. I wish I could say this is my first acne.org blog and that I'm surprised by how badly my skin has been behaving. Unfortunately, acne is all too familiar a story for me. I'm 30/F and have dealt with acne for more than half my life. I've been on Accutane 3x and yet my cystic acne keeps coming back. The most my acne stayed away was for 7-8 years the first time I was on Accutane... but the next two times my acne came back after 2 years. The combination of Retin-A and Duac has helped me stay somewha
  9. weeks 8, 9 & 10: apologies for taking so long to update! i've been traveling & keeping myself busy these past few weeks. week 8 was pretty much clear but i've had a few pimples in weeks 9 & 10.. not anything that hasn't cleared up in a few days' time though so overall not too bad. sure, i still get upset when a zit appears but as long as it comes to a head quickly, i can deal with it. my zeno is seriously a huge help in speeding that process along so if you don't have one already i
  10. definitely stick with the retin-a.. you're doing the right thing by using it only every 2 or 3 nights when you feel your skin is getting irritated. after a few months you should be able to use it every other night if not every night. the thing that worked best for me was a combination of using retin-a 1x a day and then a product like duac (w/ clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide) 1x a day. the retin-a exfoliates and gets the gunk out of your pores then the duac helps kill off any bacteria / preve
  11. weeks 6 & 7: so between the zeno spot treating, duac, retin-a and glycolic peels, i've been doing pretty well! there have been some questionable spots that threaten to pop up as huge zits but luckily the zeno has been working on those and i've been able to use the retin-a to open up the pore & get the gunk out before anything blows up. i'm amazed by the results & hope they keep up. it's still a time-consuming thing, but i'm excited that i can worry about other things in my life inst
  12. i'd recommend sticking w/ the duac, but maybe adding a retinoid like retin-a or differin that will help unclog your pores. the duac works to kill the bacteria bc it's a topical antibiotic with benzoyl peroxide in it as well. that's why when you use a retinoid w/ something like duac you'll have even better results. the other thing to keep in mind is that you need to put duac allllll over your face, it doesnt work if you just use it as a spot treatment. that's what my issue was at first but then
  13. week 5: after a few close calls (little bumps that threatened to become larger but didn't), one has officially popped up & is growing bigger by the day. <sigh> i was doing so well too with my clear streak! i'm still happy overall with how my skin has been doing & grateful to have 4 weeks of peace but bummed these big ones are still around. i hope it goes away quickly. i've been treating it w/ bp & my zeno and am thinking about trying aczone on it. i've been so happy lately b
  14. couldn't have said it better ny1982! i agree completely : ) it's so good to hear you're doing well on your regimen!
  15. i think it's bc of the sensitivity to sunlight after using a retinoid. the retinoid/bp combo has been really great for me. just make sure to use them at different times of day as you're doing and be sure to spread it all over (not just spot treat). my mistake was that i was spot treating for the longest time. now i put them all over my problem areas (cheeks mainly) and it's been working really well. i also do the opposite-- i use my retin-a in the morning and use duac at night, but i'm not expo