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  1. I take HMF probiotics by Genestra. A truly amazing product. The probiotics are from a human strain so they are naturally tolerant to stomach acid and adhere easily to the intestinal wall. They are expensive, but I can tell the difference. GREAT for people who can't have dairy strains of probiotics Hope you find one that works.. probiotics are amazing little critters!!
  2. I'm really interested in this. I just wonder, if my whole face is broken out, does that mean my whole body is toxic? I am so strict with everything.. I just want to be healed. Right now my worst breakouts are on my temples.. very painful. The worst part is the scarring though. The scarring on my cheeks just never seem to heal!!
  3. does insurance cover the E95 blood test? if not, how much money is it? I don't have insurance so I had to pay for it. It cost about 250$. I got the results back today and wow... i have a lot of allergies.. luckily I have already cut most the things out of my diet that I am sensitive to. I got it done through my naturopath. It's worth looking into
  4. Hi guys, I have acne all over my face.. however lately my temples have HUGE painful red/ purple cysts on them. I know different parts of your face that have acne mean different imbalances in the body (for instance forehead means digestive, jawline means hormonal) I was wondering however what the temples mean? I can't find one answer. thanks!
  5. Hi guys.. I suffer from severe acne all over my face. I have also been suffering from social anxiety (not because i'm nervous about people thinking about my skin) i've had it since I was young and I am now suffering from BAD obessive compulsive disorder (in the form of intrusive thoughts.. called "pure-o").. I think of the thoughts 100% of the day and it has ruined my life even more than acne has. I am wondering if there is a physiological link between my acne and anxiety disorders.. Do
  6. Im getting lots of testing done including the E95 food allergies blood test. Im doing hormone testing, heavy metal testing, food allergies, and candida/ parasites. I am excited to get the results for the food allergies!
  7. you should consider going to a naturopath and getting an E95 food allergies blood test. It tests for 95 commonly eaten foods and will tell you if you are allergic. I am currently getting it done and should be getting the results any day now. I too cut out most of the foods from my diet.. but still no improvement. so this test will pinpoint the foods im reacting too.. because you can have an allergic response to foods that are considered healthy and acne friendly.. apples, broccoli, onion.. you n
  8. Hi guys.. I'm 20 years old/ female and have been struggling with acne for the past 3 years. I have been on a strict acne diet (only organic, NO sugar other than fruit, anti-imflammatory, lots of superfoods. tons of leafy greens. Green drink in the morning chlorella, spirulina, lots of fresh herbs to flavour.. basically a whole foods diet. supplementing with a high dose of human strain probiotics, fish oil and a few other things. ) HOWEVER.. although I have seen an improvement in the severity
  9. awesome post/ great ideas. thank you! I am currently getting my heavy metals tested, E95 food allergies panel, and a parisitology test for yeast and parasites. I hope I can find my answer soon.. it's been so long. hope everything is still going well
  10. If you mix one part coconut oil and one part raw honey together it makes a great icing! and you can add mashed berries or cacao powder for colour .. But beware.. it's addicting! LOL
  11. Hey guys, After 3 years I am still having difficulty healing my scars/hyperpigmentation. I went to see my naturopath the other day and she said she was going to have me try "azelaic acid".. a compound that comes from wheat as a topical next time I come into see her. She said she would be able to add it into the skin cream i'm using right now (currently just using coconut oil). Has anyone tried this, or know anything about it? I'm off to do some research about it right now! Let me know if you'
  12. I am so sorry to hear your family is so unsupportive.. no one deserves that kind of treatment. Trust me.. I felt the same way a couple years ago.. but things WILL get better!! Just keep holding on, and never give up. I discovered diet was the culprit of my acne (mainly sugar), and since changing my diet, I am a completely new person and I am slowly gaining confidence again. Good luck, and don't give up! .. Remember you are not alone
  13. Stevia is a fabulous alternative to sugar! It will actually help balance blood sugar (I have never broken out from using stevia) It does take a bit of practice to find the right amount or it can leave a bitter, numbing taste in your mouth. Another great alternative is Yacon Syrup, and coconut sugar Try and get the green, organic, unprocessed kind though.. or use the leaves straight off the stevia plant!!! Hope this helps
  14. I no longer will be reading her blog. I don't want to support such an insensitive and shallow person, and I'm sure some of her other readers will do the same if they have ever struggled with acne.