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  1. Very interesting. Do you think it would work for atrophic scars?
  2. Sorry but I don't think there is any cheap natural way to fix indented scars. If there was I wouldn't be on here right now.
  3. Sorry to say but I don't think there is any makeup that will cover rolling scars but it can help cover the red scars and acne.
  4. I think it happens to everyone with scars. I try to avoid looking at myself in bad lighting. Just the other day I was getting out of my car and as I was closing the door I caught a glimpse of myself in the window and my whole day was ruined
  5. Good luck! and please do keep us updated.
  6. For me it made my face break out with cystic acne so I had to stop using it.
  7. I paid 400 dollars for obagi a couple of years ago for my scars. It did nothing for the scars and broke me out with huge cysts which resulted in more scars. That's just my experience.
  8. It was aramis laser and that's what I'm thinking like Ernestorio minus the stem cells. Have you had fraxel and subcision done?
  9. I don't come from a very wealthy family or anything. My parents work really hard for their money and I feel so guilty about spending so much money on scar treatments but I feel like I wont be happy and no one will accept me till my skin looks better. I have spent 2000 dollars on a laser that didn't do anything, chemical peels, micro, nothing really helped so that was money down the drain. I don't want that to happen again. Now I have around 2500 dollars saved up and I'm getting ready to try f
  10. Hmm I actually thought they were more dfficult to get rid of.
  11. This is so what I would like done for my scars. I wonder how much it would cost?
  12. Thanks for the reply I'm definitely going to try to find out more about it.. before I waste money (I have been saving up forever) to treat these stupid scars.
  13. I just got back from the dermatologist's office for my acne scars. She told me Affirm laser would be best to help my deep scars. They showed me a before and after picture, which looked pretty good. It's 3000 dollars for the package. Has anyone tried this? and do you think it will work?
  14. I found a doctor that does subcision in the Dallas area but not Austin sorry. His name is Dr. Dj Verret. Have you heard of him?