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  1. Been looking forward to new labels for years it seems. I think they look okay. I'm confused though. I thought the whole point of the new labels was to minimize the embarrassment of having ACNE.ORG so large on the labels. Really wish they'd just be rebranded Daniel Kern or Kern products or something. With acne.org on the back in small writing. Or at least be like the original new mock ups without the ACNE.ORG on them.
  2. toughcrowd

    Moisturizes great Matte finish No shine! My favorite moisturizer I've ever tried New pumps leave hardened gunk at the tip. No other moisturizer is better than Dan's new formula. Every other moisturizer, even the old formula made me oily and shiny but this one doesn't. It's perfect!
  3. I'd love to get another update with some kind of ETA. Really looking forward to the new moisturizer.
  4. Recently I started to use Dan's Cleanser and jojoba oil to shave with. As well as Trac II Plus razor and I now shave after a hot shower. This has made me go from constant breakouts to none in just a couple weeks. I've also been using Dan's SA+ but I think the new way of shaving has helped clear me up a great deal.
  5. I wonder if Dan is aware of the Olay Complete 15 for Oily/Combination with zinc oxide. They might have just changed the old sensitive skin formula over to that and added oil reducing powder.
  6. I was going to stock up on my Olay Complete today and checked out the ingredients again to make sure I was getting the same one as usual. Olay Complete SPF 15 Sensitive Skin had Zinc Oxide gone replaced with Avobenzone and some other ingredients. This was the exact same place and type of Olay I always get. The only one that had Zinc Oxide was Olay Complete for Oily/Combination skin but that had some things in it that the Sensitive Skin never did like oil powder so I thought I'd try out Kroger Br
  7. I posted this in the other thread you started as well but you say you are only using one pump of BP after 7 weeks. You should be using two pumps by now. Try that out. Also you said that Dan's moisturizer turns your face red and burns. It did for me as well for the first week or so but now 8 weeks later it doesn't at all. I would stick with it because there really isn't a better one out there especially with a little jojoba oil.
  8. If you are on week 7 you should be using more than one pump of Dan's BP at a time. That might be your problem.