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  1. When my skin was really bad someone said my face looked like a forrest fire stubbed out with a screwdriver lol. In hindsight very descriptive simile
  2. Do what you have to do, just don't make it obvious. I wennt for laser surgery on my face a couple years ago, face completely burned off with a co2 laser, the redness lasted over a year, i had to wear doublewear just to conceal the redness, it was embarrassing at jujitsu it wld come off on people's gi's when i was fighting. They knew i had been for surgery tho so they were cool about it. Make up shldn't be a long term solution, it'll cause tremendous embarrassment in the long run. In the meanwh
  3. I have a faux hawk too, i use clay n wax also . It comes off on my pillow minimally but it doesn't break me out. V05 matt clay is what i use predominantly, great for my hair style n kind on my skin. I guess we all just gotta find something that works for us as individuals huh.
  4. I like the vibrant green ones, used to wear cats eyes , snake eyes etc , irritates my eyes too much tho tbh.
  5. Garnier fructis jelly (really good but dries in hard) VO5 Matt Clay (a little goes a long way, gives you great hairdays) VO5 Wax (good but reeeally glossy0 Brycleem use to have a wax range dunno if they still do in americaland. In general anything thats got extreme hold but easy to manipulate should work wonders, trial and error really.
  6. Sean !


    Anyone else use it ? I use it pre-shower n after applying differin at night. Helps my skin repair super fast n makes my skin look really clean n clear. For a couple quid a tube it's well worth a try.
  7. Sean !


    Hmm, i hear you peoples. I think paleness emphasises redmarks tho, makes people look unwell n sore.
  8. Sean !


    Anyone use sunbeds to clear red marks/hide discolouration ?
  9. I have a lil scarring too ! I tried the stubble look to hide it but felt even worse about my appearance, looked kinda scruffy tbh. I guess u have to measure up what makes u feel more comfortable. Personally i like to be clean shaven.
  10. Zinc healed my red marks sufficiently. I'm pleased with the effects zinc has on my skin and for a couple of pound for a tub you can't really comnplain. Does nothing for my oily skin however.
  11. Bumping into ex's when out grocery shopping. Ugh cringeworthy. Gotta pretend you actually like them for the sake of being civilised.
  12. Differin can be progressively drying after a while, ... at least in my experience. You can moisturise your skin ten-fifteen minutes after applying differin if you like without it cancelling out the differin's effects. I suggest you moisturise as part of your routine to prevent further drying of the skin. Ultimately do what you thinks best.
  13. Yup hate that tingly feeling, makes me wanna run to the bathroom.