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  1. I was drinking a lot of water a day probably 5-7 litres. Some people say you should drink as little as possible, some say drink as much. Drink when YOU feel like drinking would be my advice. When you are thirsty drink, when you are not thirsty try not to drink, but also worth noting when hungry if you drink it helps to stop you feel hungry. I was about 65 kilos when I started the fast and had very little body fat. Was losing about 1 kilo a day for the first 10 days then slowed down to ab
  2. Edit:: Sorry for double post see previous post about my fasting experience How do you know you were nearly hospitalized? And it wasn't your mind playing tricks, thinking you were weaker than you actually were. I find it hard to believe as someone who had a terrible lifestyle pre fast and smoked nearly 20 cigrattes a day for 6 years and pot everyday for 3 years, that I was fine for 18 days and that someone couldn't go 3 days without food was nearly hospitalized? I felt weak most day
  3. Hi, I posted in this topic a while back when I was doing a fast. I never followed up but just to update the fast really changed my life, it has given my confidence, I go out all the time now I don't stay inside hiding in my room anymore. Too add I only did 18 days of fasting, I wanted to do 21-25 ideally but actually stopped because my skin was really really bad at one point! It was fine the first 10 days then I started breaking out really bad and my skin looked horrible during t
  4. I feeling fine thanks, day 6 I had a really, really sore throat and was coughing up mucus and the colour of it coming out was black lol. Which is probably the detox from smoking was pretty horrified when I was coughing up pure black shit. Day 7 I had a bit of a stomach ache but that's gone now, On day 9 now and feeling good, not aching, not hungry feel fine whereas before there were a few nights I had trouble sleeping because of pains in my joints but that seems to have gone now.
  5. I'm currently on day 7 of a water fast, I plan to do it for 21 days. So far I haven't had a new spot, which proves to me it is all diet related. I haven't noticed a significant improvement so far re red spots or scars, but the real healing takes places between 14-21 days. However my skin tone has improved greatly, my skin is very soft and smooth. And I have been working my body pretty hard in terms of still doing a small workout which I realized isn't the best idea as the body will have
  6. I just thought I would post in here because your results inspiried me to try lactic acid. So I bought a 40% lactic acid kit off eBay and I've done 4 peels so for and have noticed a great improvement. 1st peel I did when I first got it for 4 minutes, 2nd peel I did 2 days later for 5 mins, 3rd peel I did 2 days after for 8 mins which did make my face very red for 2 days after. Looking back I was very impatiant and should have waited longer in between peel but once the redness went after t
  7. because your face isn't used to it. When you first use ACV you should use 50/50 water avc then afte two or three weeks use 100% avc otherwise you face will get really red and also make sure you don't use it more than once a day.
  8. I had a bad experience with bio oil. 1) it made me break out a lot 2) it makes your face look really really greasy even if you apply a tiny amount Edit: To say I only used it for 3 weeks but stopped because of the above reasons (people say it can take up around 2-3 months before any results show).
  9. Yeah, when I first had acne I went to my local Doctor and he just put me on some antibiotics said to come back in 2 months, would come back in 2 months and he would say well lets try something different. This happened for about 1 year just going on different shit which didn't work until he suggested I see a derm. The derm I saw put me straight on accutane for 3 months but unfortunatly it didn't work and was left with a shit load of red marks and scaring. He assured me that it would clear up in a
  10. I have one sister and she has bad skin too like me, she's 3 years older than me. She got skin bad real bad from a early age of 13-14 and still has it at 25. I was a little happyflowers to her when I was younger, was so mean to her about her skin when I had flawless skin she always said and I quote "you'll get acne one day and know how it feels". I didn't have a single spot till I was 17 then it just went overboard, 5 years later I still have acne and a lot of scaring, it's not that bad compare t
  11. I've been using it for 2 months now. I have tried washing off after 2 mins in morning and leaving it on overnight, quite honestly for my red marks it's done nothing. I really thought it was going to make a big difference. However I will say it that it has made my skin super smooth. Like I can put my hand on my cheeks and not feel any bumps or nothing, just all nice smoothness. So in that respect it's nice but as for red marks nothing. You will also want to moisturise afterwards when you wash off
  12. I have tried Bio Oil AHA+ Cetaphil ACV Sudocrem BP Oatmeal nothing seems to work, my face has been at the same point for almost 2 years now with no improvement trying various things. I'm running out of ideas here, I still get a bit of active acne but to be honest it's very little if any but it always leaves a huge red mark as you can see the current 2 spots I have. I'm more interested in just clearing up the rest of my face. I have only attached one cheek as my other is pretty much identical w
  13. Was working in the store earlier and some mother with her like 5-7 year old son came in she was purchasing something then the boy said to the mother really loud, " Why's that boys face covered in spots everywhere". I know he's only a kid and it's not his fault but just really got me down. What is the worse thing someone has said about you?
  14. First of all I know it is wrong and I don't advice doing it in anyway. I have been smoking bud for 2 years now and have just been put on roaccutane. The derm I saw only said to me not to drink while I'm on it which is fine as I don't drink anyway. My question is will smoking pot affect how effective the treatment is? I can deal with all the side effects like some people may say you get paranoia if you take accuntane and cannabis etc. but that doesn't bother me I'm fine with it. I just want