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  1. Given that if you ingest isopropyl alcohol it causes blindness, death, and other not so fun things, I'd think that it's not so good for your skin... duh. Who do you work for anyways? RiteAid? :?
  2. Losing weight isn't nearly as hard as getting rid of acne. But diets don't work long term. What works is eating healthy food customized to your needs and an intense workout and exercise plan. The weight will just melt off. Do some research. Trust me, getting in shape sounds hard, but it can be fun if you do it right. And don't be so hard on yourself. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive. Most often you'll find that there is more positive. Good luck!
  3. No, you're not taking it too personally. My philosophy is that if someone says they're going to do something (especially a guy) then they should DO IT. It's really not that difficult. But then again, he may really like you and be playing "hard to get". But he's obviously not very good at it... Just brush it off and act like it's no big deal. In fact, maybe ignore him and make HIM play hard to get. Even if your not confident, pretend to be. It will make you more desireable. And whenever you feel
  4. Oh my god I feel exactly the same way! My skin is clear now, but I still feel super insecure for some reason. And I'm really confident about everything but my skin. I KNOW that I'm beautiful, but I always feel like it's being brought down by my crappy skin. And now that it's clear... I feel the same. So weird.
  5. I'm a dancer and I work out 1-2 hours every day, not including classes/rehearsals. Having a good body and being in good health is the most important thing to me - my career DEPENDS on it. And I cleared up my skin a while ago thanks to my little friend Jojoba Oil . So having both, if I had to CHOOSE I would choose good body, because being overweight is unhealthy and can lead to a variety of health problems, acne can not.
  6. The first one looks so cute on you! But i loooove the short blonde one. It's a little bit chicer... I think that would be a great choice!!
  7. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, a relatively well known primer, made me break out like crazy after a couple days. It was great except for that. Acutally Smashbox products in general tend to break me out. They contain a lot of nasty chemicals and oils and silicones... ew. Yeah I'd try the Monistat stuff. It's supposed to be pretty good. And with all primers, remember to apply a very sheer layer to clean, dry skin and let it dry before using foundation.
  8. Yeah OTC was terrible for me. But now I'm on Yaz and my skin is 100% clear. No joke. It just may not be the right BC pill for you. Other then that, just try to keep your stress levels down, and remember to keep a positive attitude.
  9. Just tell them, "If you don't like the way I look, then DON'T LOOK AT ME!"
  10. I wash mine every 3-5 days depending on the usage because I don't wear makeup every day. I use MAC brushes and clean them with MAC brush cleaner, or a little bit of baby shampoo, which in my opinion works just as well if not better then the brush cleaner and is a fraction of the cost.
  11. A little bit of jojoba oil works great. I massage my eyes with it at night, and I swear it makes my eyelashes look more lush as well as getting rid of bags and dark circles.
  12. Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Brush Foundation is amazinggggggggggggg. It makes your skin baby soft. It's about $50 and you can get it at high-end department stores and Sephora.
  13. Life Is A Verb by Patti Digh is a really great book. Totally changed my life. It's a fun read too.
  14. That's a great answer Nike. If I had a million dollars I would split it up between my Grandma because she is out of work and taking care of my sick grandpa, my parents because they lost over $300,000 in the stock market crash, and some to my brother so that he could pay for college. And save a little bit for myself and buy a Birkin bag. I've always wanted one. The black one with diamonds on it. Hehe.