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  1. Hmm... that's great. Is it available in most stores? With all the acne products out there, I don't remember. Lol. I think I've seen it. I usually pick it up at Walmart. It can be a little hard to find sometimes though. Good luck! Thank you
  2. Well, I've been using it for several years now. I've tried other soaps, but I hate the feeling of my skin after I use them. Things have only gotten better over time, so I'll continue using it as long as I can haha. I'd definitely recommend it. You're welcome, by the way
  3. Hi guys. It's been ages since I made a meaningful post on here. I've been a member for over five years now, but I've always been more of a reader. This site really helped me in the beginning and especially when I was on accutane. I don't know whether I should say I'm "acne free" or not. I still get pimples on my face, and I'm still using PanOxyl 10% bar. I've been using it for, gosh, must be three or four years now. Things aren't nearly as bad as they were when I was in high school, and t
  4. Well, I know this thread is old, but in case anyone is interested, I have updated my album with a side-by-side comparison of January 2, 2005 and January 2, 2009. The pictures are hidden right now pending approval. Things are great, only minor breakouts/blemishes
  5. Haha.. I was going through my old posts, and I thought I'd bring this one back to life. I quoted my first post just to see how things have changed. 1. What is your current age/grade? 16/Junior in HS 2. What kind of student are you? Honors student 3. What is your fav. class? Physics, Trig/PreCalc 4. Which subject do you hate? English.. and Spanish is beginning to get on my nerves 5. Which is your best subject? Highest grade is in Trig/PreCalc (we call it Algebra 3) and Physics 6. What after
  6. And after nearly three years the typo in the title of this topic still bothers me.
  7. Post-Accutane 2.5 years My album has been updated with side-by-side views comparing the last three years of progress. Check it out!
  8. Post-Accutane 2 years I know nobody reads this, but I'm bored. After two years, one would wonder why I'm still using a soap that's 10% BP... and I still can't break this damn problem. I know it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, but COME ON! I'm still dealing with mild (well, maybe not even that much) stuff here. UGH. I'm just a little frustrated. I'll try and get some new pictures up this week since it's been nearly five months.
  9. Album updated with some great progress! Check it out!
  10. pretty face/ good result from accutane. i like the 'bush cheney' poster too.

  11. POST-ACCUTANE: Year 1, Month 1 I know, i know, it's been waaayy too long, but i thought i'd say a couple things... i've updated my album. since i quit accutane, i've not taken any meds. i've just been using Pan Oxyl 10% BP acne wash. CHECK OUT THE ALBUM!!