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  1. Every time my acne gets worse, I find myself on this board; feeling sorry for myself, and I find myself applying some stupid topical that will hinder my process badly. My new Regimen Change my acne.org password to something ill never remember. Rinse my face one last time. Never touch or pick at my face, even if its itching. Take down the mirror in my room. Wake up, workout, leave the sweat on my face. Study hard, Hang out with friends, and enjoy my last month of summer. I'll never doubt my go
  2. Accutane... You lucky bastard. My face has been seeking revenge on me lately, wish my derm would have let me go on it. Oh well I'm still putting my faith into doing nothing. lol Best of luck to ya man, I hope accutane doesn't effect your working out. A friend of mine took it, and he had joint pain while he was on it...
  3. So i really jumped the gun on that one. I was so eager for the deadskin to come off, that I literally peeled it off myself. The skin underneath is red,raw, and some of it is bleeding. I guess some people will never learn not to touch their face. <-----
  4. Thanks for the info, but I'll pass for several reasons. The first being that I am a very frugal person, and $3 for a small energy drink isnt in the budget. Also, the small amount of caffeine in that drink still will play little tricks on my body. Oh and btw my deadskin mask is turning into a dark brown skin spots. I think its almost ready to come off. Getting alot of peeling edges. I'm hoping in the next few weeks ill get to see some brand new spectacular skin.
  5. So i went a few weeks without water touching my face, and my chin and cheeks have made alot of progress. However, theres a new problem: My deadskin mask has always been thickest on my cheekbones and the sensitive part of the cheek close to my nose... on both sides of my face. Well, I think this deadskin mask is starting to clog pores, because im getting whiteheads underneath it... They look trapped below the deadskin, and I dont think they will heal if they dont get oxygen. I may introduce a ri
  6. I think I'm starting to see the effects of Taurine. I'm experiencing slightly less inflammation, while at the same time slightly drier skin.
  7. Hey Someday... How did flossing help your acne?
  8. I've been using ACV for 4 months now. I used to take 3 Tablespoons per day, one after each meal... To help flush out whats in my intestines. I Experienced a slight IB, but that was only really the first week or two. Then my skin calmed down again. Honestly I don't find ACV that effective. I reduced the amount I consume daily out of pure laziness. So right now I take 2 Tablespoons before I go to bed. Then I wake up in the morning ready for a pretty large bowel movement. I haven't stopped taking i
  9. yea lol, my camera is a piece of shit. And I've thought about LED light therapy but it looks fairly expensive. Kinetic exercise should work well for me... I've been looking for something to do on the days where I'm not playing basketball.
  10. Alright, its been well over a week since my contact with chlorine. I think my skin took a few days to break out from that irritation, but my face did worsen. Right now I have alot of whiteheads; about twice as many as I usually have on my face at any given time. The good thing is, they are only whiteheads, I don't have any larger pustules. The pictures I take never really capture what my face looks like... I cant turn the flash off of my camera... Anyway, heres a few: Full face Left Side Right S
  11. Ok lol, so heres what I did and it barely messed up my face. I went to a house party my friend was throwing on Saturday night. Drank a lot of beer plus jack and coke. After being quite messed up, I totally forgot about my dead skin mask, and I jumped in the pool. Not too long after getting out of the pool my face felt extremely tight. So I went to a mirror, and dear god! The whole deadskin mask was just peeling away. (I'm sure those of you on this regimen what it looks like after getting out o
  12. ha. don't worry about it man. My body is just one big experiment. I want people to learn from my every mistake.
  13. Just got back from camping. I used sunscreen everywhere on my body except for my face. Not too confident in that decision. My face has been flaking more than it used to this week. I think that one day of BP did alot of damage to my skin. This recent sunburn I've acquired is going to be no help to that. Mat, have you started taking Taurine? Taking it with a meal is a much better idea than 30 min - 1hour before the meal. Yesterday I tried that, and my stomach cramped up... not so much fun. As of
  14. Keep your head up Dan. Half the battle is mental.
  15. Got the Taurine in the mail today. 500mg per capsule. Right before I ate lunch I popped one, but I think it may be more effective if I take it 10 min or so before the meal, so my stomach acids dissolve the outer capsule before food gets in there. Dan, I you tried Taurine right? What was the most effective way of taking it for you? Anyways, about the acne... Its not quite moderate right now, but not what I like to consider mild either. Lots of pustules on my cheeks and chin, forehead has 3 medi