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  1. Hey everyone! I haven't been on here for a while, but I wanted to post an update.

    Here's a recap so you don't have to read all the previous posts from last year:

    -I started off with horrible hormonal chin and jaw acne (cystic too!). Click here for pics--scroll down to post #6.

    -Then I went on an elimination diet and cleared it all in 3 weeks! (See gallery for pics!) I couldn't have been happier! :dance:

    -Then I went to New York and ate regular food (pizza, etc) and my skin looked worse

    -Then I came back home and wasn't as strict with my diet and my skin continued to look worse.... :confused:

    That's where I left off! Well, here's the update part now....

    I went to the dermatologist last year (about 6 months ago) because I was getting fed up and didn't want to go back to my ultra strict elimination diet. She prescribed two alternating topicals: clindamycin and epiduo. She also recommended that I wash with neutrogena acne free face wash. So I did all that, and it got a little better-I saw about 50% improvement.

    Then about 4 months later I started getting cysts again even while doing the derm's plan, so I bought myself a tanda light therapy thingie and also a clarisonic. I saw a little improvement, but still was getting pimples... cysts too.

    Finally, fed up, this year I saw a Chinese medicine doctor and she told me a few things:

    1. no iced water or iced drinks (messes up digestion, and causes forehead acne, which I had a little of at the time)

    2. no soy milk (messes up your hormones... and my chin/jaw acne was hormonal)

    3. no spicy foods

    I also started drinking lemon juice mixed in water to start each day, and I have been taking Omegazyme by Garden of Life. That Omegazyme is an enzyme supplement and is amazing. I usually have bloating after a meal, but this stuff gets rid of it!

    I have also been eating a low gluten/sugar/dairy diet, with not toooo much meat either, but enough. Lots of vegetables, no overeating...

    Finally, I put a little bit of lemon juice on a cotton pad and dab it sometimes on my skin to fade dark marks. These things combined.... wow! My skin has not looked better!!! So happy right now! :dance:

    I hope this helps someone... Me, I am in my late 20's and have been plagued with acne since puberty. I hope this continues because my skin seriously hasn't looked better.

  2. Ok, starting over, Day 1...

    I'm getting depressed looking at these new pics I posted:





    Some parts don't look as bad as when I started this log (i.e. my cheeks), but my forehead is WAAY worse! I don't know what caused this. Since going to NY, my diet has been more lax, and even though I've been avoiding the common allergens (citrus, wheat, dairy, nuts, shellfish), my skin is erupting with tiny pimples. I feel that I need to go back on my super strict non-allergenic diet for a few weeks. So here I am.. Day 1 all over again!.

    I also think that I've been touching my face too much, and this is causing some dark marks which you can see in the pictures. It's so tempting, but I need to not do this. I found a great article posted by Dan:


    I'm practicing the techniques. Here's to new skin all over again!

  3. I don't know if its just me, but I'd rather eat whatever I want and stay on the BP regimen then stick to a diet just to clear my face.

    I second Alterativista. In truth, the BP regimen just never really worked for me. I would still break out! This forced me to reevaluate my diet, and now I'm actually grateful for that.

    Also, good to know about the tomatoes, cookie mistress... I have been avoiding them as well, but more because I would get cracks in my lips if I ate things with too much. Now that I think about it, those cracks were also accompanied by acne!

  4. Wow, it's been 100 posts! :dance:

    Things are getting better with my skin. I found this really cool website:


    I used this to find out what those bumps were: milia? keratosis pilaris? nope... just plain old Acne vulgaris. They are very tiny bumps on my forehead that look exactly like this girls':


    They are going away thanks to washing my face with a wash cloth to exfoliate, using cerave cleanser, and tea tree oil/aha lotion after cleansing. Oh, and not to mention the fact that I've been eating better. No eating out except for treats from Whole Foods salad bar/deli. No dairy/wheat. I AM RECLAIMING MY SKIN! YAY! :surprised:

  5. Skin is clearing up. My face has been kind of taken over by small clogged pores lately, and they are invisible to most people, but I can see them up close. I've been exfoliating with a wash cloth to try to get rid of them.

    My "treat" that I indulge in is salad and deli from Whole Foods. It kind of satisfies my desire to eat out, but I know I'm still eating relatively healthy food. Of course, I am staying away from allergens like dairy/wheat, etc. It's working so far! :)

  6. Pimples are dying down now, I think... I still have some scars on my forehead from pimples. I hope they go away soon!

    Regimen right now:

    Doing a combination of tea tree oil and AHA lotion on my face. Washing with Cerave.

    Yesterday I ate:

    Beef, Asparagus, apple, chicken, brussel sprouts, fruit salad

    Vivid dreams last night and the past 2 nights as well. Feeling tiiiired.

  7. I just looked up "papules", and I am getting conflicting information. Some sites say that papules are a form of acne that can turn into pustules. I think this is what I have. But other sites say that papules are caused by candida or other stuff...

    My bumps are like clogged pores. They are very small and can be extracted, like clogged pores. I am not extracting them right now, however, cuz that can lead to scarring. Sometimes these bumps get really clogged and turn into superficial pimples on my forehead.

    DAY 1 of Healthy Eating again.... Here I go! Wish me luck...

  8. ARRRRGHHH!!! I haven't posted in such a long time. My skin has totally gone down hill. It doesn't look as bad as it did in my original "before" pics, but it's really gone haywire. What's weird is my forehead is covered in small bumps, as is the rest of my t-zone. My forehead used to be clear.

    I have been eating out, largely due to being in a relationship and feeling like I need to eat out to make things "interesting"... but like I said before, I need to eat not out of boredom, but to make my skin better.

    Socrates or some famous philosopher said that you should eat to live, not live to eat. I feel that I am falling into the latter category, and my skin is paying the price. I envy those people who can eat anything and seem healthy and have perfect skin.. Me, I am tired most of the time (take a look at my previous posts---most of my "energy level" grades I give myself are B or lower). My digestion is wack. I feel that I am living in a body that's too old for my actual age. Very depressed about my skin right now. :( I tell my boyfriend that we should eat well together and not eat out anymore, but he's not that strict about diet, which is not helping me. I should be strong on my own, but it's too tough for me right now, especially seeing him eat chips and stuff. I look at my previous "after" pics, and I want that skin back, but I feel that I can't get over that "food addiction" hump... :(

  9. I've been doing the lymph facial and neck massages in the Japanese skin care book and it is amazing! I have also been putting on lotion and serum like she talks about and doing the lotion mask. Everything about the book is so good, and it made me realize that my lymph system is sluggish. The facial massages I'm doing are so helpful in reducing facial puffiness. As I am doing them, I can feel how my lymph nodes are tender: behind/below my ears, and down my neck and my arm pits are all a little tender. I highly recommend this book to anyone!!

    I will post pics at the end of the week to show how my skin is looking so much better :)

  10. OMG, my mom just gave me this book: THE JAPANESE SKIN CARE REVOLUTION by CHIZU SAEKI. It is amazing!! It goes into detail about facial massages and draining your lymph. I realize that the left side of my body and face is clogged up with lymph fluid. I did the massages today and the pimples that have been appearing on the left side of my face are going down already! Amazing!!

  11. TERRIBLE migraine last night. Thought I was gonna die.

    Pimples have gone down dramatically. Lots of little pimples all around face--skin colored, not noticeable. Might be because of coffee.. Haven't drank coffee since Saturday.

    Yesterday I ate: cod, mustard greens, 2 apples, tomatoes

  12. So I survived the fancy dinner night (plus not so healthy brunch the next day) with two small pimples on chin and forehead, and red spots around nose. Nothing too bad. If I go back to my regular diet today, then they should all disappear in a couple of days. *knock on wood*

    I won't go into details of my meal on Friday night, except to say that it was drool worthy and consisted of many no-no's (wheat, sugar, eggs, cheese, COFFEE). Did I say coffee? Yes! I have never been a coffee drinker. Heck, I've never been much of an alcohol drinker either. No drugs of any kind. So when I had a few sips of coffee that night, it made me so wired and happy and giddy that I thought to myself, "wow, this must be how it feels to be drunk, in a good way". Let me clarify---whenever I get drunk, I fall immediately asleep. So I meant that this must be what it's like to be a "good" drunk. Anyway, we were up till 4 am, but it was so fun.

    Flash forward to Saturday, I had another 1/2 a cup of coffee at brunch (along with some No-no's like quiche and a chocolate chip cookie). This kept me going till about midnight, at which point I got very tired. Slept at 2 am.

    The results of all of this coffee and bad eating? Lots of hives today, terrible nightmares last night, stiff neck, and the two pimples and red spots around nose. But I have no idea what caused these things--the bad food or the coffee?

    I have to say that I enjoyed how the coffee made me feel: confident, social, energetic, and even happier. The only drawback was the loopiness/spaciness... I hear that this goes away.

    Anyway, if you have been reading this log, I'm sure you've noticed that my Energy Level/Alertness grade rarely reaches an "A"... Most days, it's a "B-" or "B". The coffee definitely makes me an "A" for energy level, but right now still a "B-" or even a "C" for alertness. I do want to continue experimenting with coffee on my strict elimination diet. What I'll probably do is try the elimination diet without coffee for the next 2-3 days, and then add the coffee in after that. I'll keep you posted! Let me know if you have any thoughts/ experiences of your own!

  13. Wow your progress is really encouraging!

    I don't have cystic pimples anymore(since starting birth control) but I get suspicious red marks under my skin that annoyingly never come to a head.

    I would really like to do an elimination diet, however I'm vegetarian and I notice you eat a tonne of meat in your diet!

    I'm wondering if you had any ideas for some veggie-friendly alternatives. Have you tried brown rice in your diet? I'm wondering maybe if I can get away with eating that.;)


    Hey Honnie,

    Thanks for your kind words. Good luck on the elimination diet--I'm excited for you! You can still do it as a vegetarian--any foods on the "hypoallergenic" list works. Check out this link for the list:


    I would probably stay away from TOO much starch, since it can spike your blood sugar. Try 2/3 of your plate no starch, and 1/3 starch. If that doesn't work, cut it down even more. I've noticed that potatoes (both regular and sweet potatoes) can make my skin finicky. Not exactly break out prone, but not exactly porcelain either.

    Anyway, keep me updated on the diet! :hifive:

  14. No New Pimples! Skin is back to normal!

    Besides some light marks from past acne, my skin is clear! That small pimples by my nose from yesterday is gone. Smooth skin, yay!!

    Yesterday I ate: cabbage, yellow squash, beef, pork, chicken, 2 pears, 2 small apples, butternut squash, onion

    Energy Level/Alertness: B-

    So I think it takes about 4-5 days on this diet to see clear skin. Not bad!!

    Tonight I'm going to the fancy restaurant... No promises there, but I'm sure it won't do too much damage.

  15. One small pimple by nose :confused:

    Yesterday i ate: cabbage, chicken, beef, 2 tuna sushi rolls (went out for lunch with my friend), butternut squash, avocado

    Energy Level/Alertness: B-

    The pimple appeared before the avocado and after the sushi rolls... It was probably the sushi rolls that did it. Oh well, it's pretty small. I don't want to sacrifice my friendships, and sushi was the best of the food options I had.

    Acne scars are healing super quick. I'm happy with the improvement I've been seeing in my skin in just these few days of healthy eating.

    Btw, what's up with these nose pimples? Lately I've been getting many more nose pimples. Weird.

  16. Yo, I'm BACK and BETTER THAN EVER!

    Haha, I forgot how much of a superwoman I feel eating this way. It's addictive in it's own way. :cool2:

    My period, which typically is on the heavy side, practically stopped after I began eating cabbage again. I'm sure it has to do with the large amount of vitamin K in cabbage (which is involved in blood clotting/healing wounds).

    Acne scars are healing quickly, skin is already looking better.

    Yesterday I ate: cabbage, squash, chicken, beef, apple/mango/coconut fruit mix, onion

    Energy Level/Alertness: B

    Hives this morning: minimal (4 splotches)

  17. Update: Sorry for not posting every day like I used to...

    So I'm basically back to my old elimination diet. I had an orange yesterday, but that was the only weird thing. No new pimples today. Slept a lot.

    Since eating wheat/sugar/dairy, etc, I've been feeling more tired, grinding my teeth when I sleep, more pimples that don't heal quickly, more hives, frequent dizziness/light headedness. I have realized that these foods really are addictive. It was tough breaking the cycle.

    This Friday my bf and I are celebrating our anniversary--we are going to a crazy fancy restaurant for dinner. I am excited for this, and not scared as much about breaking out in cysts all over.. At worst, I will probably break out with one. I still think that nuts or shellfish or citrus was causing my crazy breakouts that you saw in my first pictures. Just as long as I avoid those, I'll be fine.

    With that said, even though I have been avoiding nuts and shellfish, my skin is looking baaaaad. I have lots of little pimples, and two big ones that are not healing nicely. Yes, it's not as bad as the first pics, but it's still BAD. I'll have to take photos soon so you guys can see.

    Kind of feeling down right now about my skin, but I know that I can reverse it now, and that gives me hope.

    Yesterday I ate: chicken, beef, lots of cabbage (helps keep my period light!), orange, 3 small apples, yellow squash, onion

    Energy Level/Alertness: B

  18. So I got my period, and my face yesterday became full of a bunch of little pimples that have mostly since disappeared. Some left small marks. I was still craving grilled cheese yesterday, so I just did it... I can't keep doing this, though, cuz my face really is getting worse. :wall: I really feel like I have an addiction!

    Yesterday I ate: grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup (I know, I'm outta control!), beef, chicken, cabbage, mustard green mix, 1 pear, 3 small apples with cheese and salami :doh:

    Energy Level/Alertness: B-

    Mild cramps today. Not like last time.