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    I am a very well-rounded girl-- I enjoy writing, painting, volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey, reading, piano, surfing, snowboarding, and ummmmm just chillin?? Acne doesn't overwhelm my life, but it has been my little black dog for near five years. Even before acne I had poor skin quality. Why can't I just transplant the skin from my tummy to my face? jeez why not ruin my life. Nahhh, I'm just kidding. If I ever get clear I'll find other things to obsess over like my abundance of freckles or my teeth lol. I'm a fun and nice girl. Don't be shy around me because I'll be shy back. what an annoying cycle........
  1. message me on yahoo Katt

  2. Oh man i have this too! I use dessert essence toothpaste--doesn't have too bad of ingredients! I am also very careful with how I eat my food so it doesn't get around my mouth (I'm prone to zits around the mouth). I don't know what to tell ya! I sorry!
  3. I believe that this cleanser gave me my acne. Oh back in the seventh grade or so. Might have been my time...but It only showed up after this stuff. This was my first face wash ever and i regret it like no other! STOP THE MADNESS!!
  4. Woot. Spokane...i go there QUITE a lot lol. So whadup flyinhigh, you have a real name? I'm katt :)

  5. Haha i live in spokane and am 18. You look good!

  6. Well, this certainly does pertain to the actual title of the post, but I happen to find men with acne more appealing the men with flawless skin. One might think this is because I feel like an equivalent to him in a sense, or I feel "grounded" that way. But based on pure looks alone, acne gives a man character. BUT it does depend on the type of lesions, in my case. If I could choose where my guy had acne, it would be on the cheeks. It looks very masculine for some reason. I tend to do a double ta
  7. i bought some of this today because after reading this, I was almost convinced it would work. Did you know that it also has salyclic acid in it too? well, the extra strength one does. I don't know about the regular. So what's the easiest way to use it? I tried "wheezing" it all over my back and chest. But then I starting inhaling it so then i shook it all over and rubbed it in. I also tried putting some in my hands and then working it around. It was frustrating and messy. Maybe I'll stand in the
  8. i have minocycline too but haven't started it. I heard it was less potent than doxy? I'm not going to listen to my mother about the 7 day thing because I believe the bloodstream thing too. I'm going to take it for at least a month and see how it goes
  9. That is very good to know. I;m the kind of person to tell you every little detail about everything.

  10. yay for mums! lol well i say mom. now that i think about it, mum sounds nicer.

  11. WOW cool you have family all over the world. My dad lives in Japan and i live with mum in New Zealand haha.

  12. interesting. I hope you find some relief

  13. Lol naaw there's no such thing as tmi in the acne.org community!

  14. Sort of. Whenever I'm driving or anything I tend to think of the worst possible scenarios lol (been in one too many accidents)

    and also planes dehydrate my skin like mofo

  15. My cousin Ben (who is really more like a brother) is in China (location unknown he's a teacher though he was in Beijing for a while). My sister is in Peru and my other sister in england (lol yay u pick england!) And one of my bffs is in Korea. Yeah and i'm stuck with mom lol.