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  1. doooooood i know exactly how you are feeling. i just told my friends i couldnt go out tonight because i was 'sick' and now im pissed cuz i didnt want acne to ruin my life again.
  2. goto the doctors and get some antibiotics? imo, minocycline has helped me in the past...
  3. stick with it. if in a few weeks time its gotten worse or havent gotten any better, then quit.
  4. honestly, when i was acne free, all i did was wash my face with water and nothing else. nothing has changed diet wise or anything but im just assuming the cold dry winter weather is causing me to breakout, not sure though. but now im back to washing my face with cetaphil and using bp.
  5. starting breaking out again, this sucks. been acne free for almost a year and now its back. @#%. that is all
  6. had acne back in high school but cleared up.. few years later i have acne again and its been about 8 months
  7. i'm curious also! i dont breakout as often now but have lots of red marks on my face. wondering how long it will disappear if i just leave it alone or if any product will excel the process
  8. yea, i kind of agree with her. i've tried alot of products, ACV, Dan'sAHA+, etc but they dont clear my red marks 100%. in time, i hope these red marks will disappear.
  9. the worst for me is the one that form around my jawline, even though its a common place to get them... personally, i cant seem to pop those pimples and it takes forever for it to disappear on their own
  10. well BP made my skin really dry and flaky, but thats about it.. although it helped my acne abit, i am seeing the same results now that i just use a simple cleanser+moisturizer
  11. i've had AHA for a while now and i find it pretty useful. i mean i still have red marks but they are fading nicely
  12. i just dont understand! im in my mid 20s now and my acne came back.. i mean i use to have acne back in high school but why do i have acne now!? im just really frustrated.. my skin was just about perfect ever since i left high school.. i dont understand, i have not changed diet or anything then bam, i wake up one day my face was full of pimples. this just sucks, its been 6 months and it doesnt look like my acne is getting better.. so frustrated sorry about this post, i just had to rant a lit