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  1. it's been a month. 2 days under a month, since i have 2 capsules left (and @*[email protected] walmart hasn't filled my prescription). and i haven't seen any results...i mean my skins getting better with my regimen and alll, but it's not helping my back and chest acne (which is AWFUL) and i really can't say i've seen a difference that wasn't because of other products in my face. will it just not work for me...? how long til i give up? what antibiotics do you recommend?
  2. so today i went to a local boutique where they sell mario badescu skin care. i got the special cleansing lotion c, control moisturizer for oily skin, and special healing powder. while i love the special cleansing lotion c, i think it might be too harsh/drying for some people. but the moisturizer is amazingg! it's creamy and pink and has basalm peru in itt, and it's supposed to be good for acne, so far it hasn't broken me out. and the healing powder is amazing. for reall, i used it today and it l
  3. moisturizing isn't really necessary on our back. our back is less sensitive, and we don't worry about our back not being hydrated enough, so you don't need to moisturize. exfoliating is a definite MUST...but only 2 times per week. twice daily is optional. the exfoliating is the AHA+. AHA+ is a chemical form of exfoliation, the best way for acne sufferers to exfoliate so that they don't aggravate their current breakouts. but you need to exfoliate 2 times per week to increase cell turnover and get
  4. clean and clear morning burst detoxifying facial scrub. i hate clean and clear, but i LOVE this exfoliator.
  5. you should try tea tree oil! i watched a video on it on youtube and went out and bought it at walmart, and it works faster than the buffering lotion...as much as i love mario badescu (:

    it's abot 7 dollars for 2 oz.

    1. so i know neutrogena's skin clearing makeup is a big NO now. but what about almay's clarifying foundation, or clinique's clarifying foundation? i'm mostly considering clinique, since i'm currently using their superfit foundation. it's not available at my local clinique counter...and not recommended for my skin type (even though i have acne - weird, right?)...and the coverage is supposted to be sheer or light or something. so what do you guys think if you've tried it?
    2. oh my gosh i'm so very sorry ): 1) try a body wash with AHA, salicylic acid, bp, tea tree oil, sulfur, etc. 2) try tea tree oil. it's 5-7 dollars at walmart in the supplement/vitamin section. you can dilute it with water and apply it all over your back. you can only use it nondiluted for spot treatment. 3) you could also pour a really small amount of the tea tree oil in your medicated body wash. 4) on my back acne, milk of magnesia worked pretty well. it's a laxative, but it's very common f
    3. i'm using it right now, it's exactly the same as photofinish by smashbox. it works well, but i HAVE heard that it clogs pores...but honestly, i'm not worried about that since it diminishes the appearance of the pores while wearing makeup, and i wear foundation daily! but lately i've been breaking out on my forehead...i'll probably continue to use it for a few weeks and see how things do. if they don't improve, i'll quit and see how things go.
    4. i have used the drying mask in the past, which also has sulfur, and i can't actually say that it helped a ton but it did help a little. and no, i have some cystic acne on my back but i basically bought it for acne that wasn't whiteheads. what i do for basically all my zits is apply the buffering lotion and then the drying lotion which i found helps a lot(:

      1. Hey about the buffering lotion, i was wondering do u have cystic acne, bc i saw it was mainly for that and my acne isnt real bad jus small pimples and white heads. I also noticed it contained sulfur, have u ever tried the proactiv mask bc it has sulfur and it didnt work so good. So jus wondering bc i was thinking about getting it :)

        1. have you tried it + what are your opinions?
        2. hahah, i'd probably be willing to do that. i mean;the last two nights i've been putting a laxative-milk of magnesia-on my back. how emberasssingggg.(: but it works.
        3. and yes, i do think you're on the right track. his products are unbelievably cheap...which over time should make up for those tens of thousands of dollars.

          1. ...especially as the title of a post.

            1. no, no one expects you to call yourself okay looking or ugly. no one expects you to call yourself pretty, either. that's a description of yourself, not the title of a post. i completely understand where that guy was coming from. you're not big headed to think you're pretty, but you're big headed to say so...on an acne site (while the rest of us are just trying to stay clear)...espe