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  1. the longer you put the visit to the derm off, the more you will suffer, i know its embarrassing but trust me they have seen it all, and you cant lose anything, you can only gain clearer skin by going to the derm TRUST ME!!!
  2. yeah i relize my bacne isnt really bad right now, it was alot worse just about 6 months ago, like i said ive been on medicine, god knows how long my condition will stay for i hope when im off it wont come back, i think its wishful thinking though, my doc said if it comes back im getting tane. any way yeah i just want to know what will help these marks get blended and stuff. im not here to say my condition is bad, because i have friends that have it way worse than me, i feel selfish sometimes whe
  3. they are scars, i talked to my derm about them, well im screwed! im just going to have to get used to them : /
  4. waedoe


    first off i would just like to start off by saying that i think your beautiful, any how all i can say is dont pick them if you have been, it only makes the healing process longer, how do i know i picked one and its been a year and its still visible. If you wondering im male, seems like your lucky you dont have any bacne (or visible in the pictures) but I know how self concious it can be. my face is near perfect its just my slight bacne and chest acne its pissing me off.
  5. they arent white heads, they arent black heads, they arent acne. They are scars. they are skin grown over hte pore. i have this problem all over my back from where papules and pustules were. i hope they will fade but im not getting my hopes up. Hopefully they will tan when summer comes around other wise ill look even more like a freak : / well im glad weve figured out this problem
  6. so whats some good products to use cause i hear bp makes red marks last longer
  7. well looks like god likes a good laugh. haha any way i got these nasty red marks on my back and chest. God knows why but my faces is basically clear. Im on some meds which are helping but my face hasnt ever been really that bad maybe 2 or 3 pimples at the most, none cystic. My back and chest, however, is a different story. Its not cystic or anything just like inflammed regular pimples. but after they are gone they leave these god aweful red marks. Basically i was going to join my schools swimm t
  8. ok heres the meds she gave me. Doxycycline 100mg one pill in the morning and one a night. Benzoyl Peroxide wash 5% for my back and chest and Tretinoin cream .025 for my face at night. you guys think i will have any success. my acne consists of mainly black heads, white heads and some larger pimples(mostly on my back) but i have alot of black heads and white heads. so i hope this stuff works!
  9. i dunno i just had an impulse now i feel so stupid goddamn it
  10. seems like black heads are my big deal, they are what start all my problems, goes from black head to white head then to pustule then they leave hyperpigmentation marks, thats my cycle and im sick of it so anyone know good ways to get rid and prevent blackheads?