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  1. Hi All! Haven't posted in awhile, so I figured I'd give an update. I went to a Family practice doctor I had never seen before back in feburary because I needed a physical for work and they were paying for it (I'd lost my insurance prior to that). Anyway, he prescribed my Spiro (25mg/day) and BC (Sprintec). My GYN didn't know, because I hadn't seen him due to the insurance issue. Well I got my insurance back again and had a GYN apt. on tuesday. I told him about everything and though he wasn't ove
  2. Hey, I am on 25mg/day and got my script filled at Walmart. I got 30day supply for 10bucks. I think it does depend on the mg.
  3. What's your dosage? I hope if my boobs grow they don't deflate! I've been hauling around deflated clown-car tires for years! LOL!
  4. I agree w/ your post. I was on brand-name ortho tri-cyclen for YEARS, and then went to Tri-sprintec because my insurance changed and it was cheaper. It has worked exactly the same for me. I think it depends on the person and their individual body. 1 size definitely does not fit all.
  5. Hi everyone! I just wanted to throw a point or two in the convo. and get some perspective as well. Firstly, if you're on spiro, remember that bananas are not the only food high in potassium. Tomatoes as well as milk are both higher end foods that you should watch. It's always helpful to do a search and print out a list of foods to remember to avoid or consume. Second, I absolutely hate taking pills, but just went back on ortho-tri-cyclen and haven't started my script yet for spiro. 25mg/day, bec
  6. PS. It would be FANTASTIC if my boobs would grow now..lol.
  7. Ok, got the rest of my script picked up today. I asked the pharmacist some questions and think I have a better understanding of the side effects and/or potassium thing. She said that I should eat my normal diet or maybe cut out a little potassium here and there, but nothing major. She said that as far as salt goes, salt itself isn't a problem so the sodium on labels is fine, its specifically low-sodium products that are problematic. Apparently when they take the sodium out (or part of it if it's
  8. Hello! I just started spironolaction 3 days ago as well - at 25 mg a day. I am having similar doubts to yours as to whether that is strong enough to have a real effect. However, something must be changing because yesterday (only day 2) I woke up with a 5-6 bright red painful zits which I am not used to. I typically get a few of those a month in addition to the less noticable acne I have, but nothing like this. Needless to say I am feeling self-concious and worried, but I am hoping with all my
  9. Hi everyone, I was just prescribed Spiro today by my pcp. I've had moderate-severe acne since I was 14. At first it was just T-Zone, and I was put on the pill due to ovarian cysts. I went off of the pill when I was 22 because I was concerned about being on it long-term. My acne never totally went away, the pill (Ortho Tri-Cyclen) reduced it by maybe 40-50% but that's it. When my acne came back after going off of the pill, it came back totally along my jawline and I get occasional ones on my chi
  10. Scarlett: I honestly think it is either PCOS or at the very least hormonal. What's irritating, is that I saw my PCP, (who sometimes I think is a moron), and suggested that I thought maybe I had PCOS. She got this attitude and says, "Well, I can't treat you for that. You have regular periods, you're not overweight, you don't fit any of the symptoms." I told her that I used to fit the symptoms to a "T" (except for the weight thing) and that something was wrong somewhere, I just knew it. She told
  11. Hello I can definitely relate. I can't say I've spent quite that much money looking for a solution, but then again, I've lost track. Oh and if anyone else reads this, if you happen to have any advice for me, I'd appreciate that as well. My issues started when I was 14. I started getting acne really bad across my forehead, nose, mouth, and chin. I attributed it to puberty and bought all of the usual creams, washes, spot treatments, etc. that were sold over the counter. What realllllly miffed me