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  1. I have done this but not for a month tho i will say at least a week or so and nothing happen, except only few more breakouts. I know a really really good cleanser that is so gentle that you can use it every day twice. Hope you got some MONEY!!http://www.murad.com/cleansers/face-cleanser.jsp
  2. Sounds good. Hope you have a goog quality of fish oil there, there can be mercury in some cheap brands and that is no good. I my self have done a change in my diet and boy i must be doing something wrong cause its been almost 3 months and i still don't see improvements like i wanted to see. What i have done is a colon cleanse from one of the best colon cleanse out there. It's called The Colon Cleanse Kit. Then a parasit kill, now doing liver cleanses every 2 weeks for flushing gallstones. Not