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  1. there is truth to this post because i've tried a ebook called acne free in 3 days. way to expensive and wasn't sure if i had just got suckered. now when you start to read something you don't expect to see the word enema. so that part of the process was dead to me. but after eating about 10 apples a day and drinking a crapload of water for the next 3 days existing acne was getting better and fading real fast. maybe it was the pectin. just my 2 cents
  2. i've been doing this for about 3-4 months and i can say it's the best thing i've tried so far. Tthe first month is kinda still shit because i guess your face isn't used to not getting washing with products.
  3. yea your absolutely right i still have some dry skin around the chin and mouth but nothing too bad , maybe in a few more weeks it'll go away
  4. i just have one more question for ya alex, is there a difference in your results when you didn't let water on your face for a few days and washing with cold water?
  5. yea don't knock it till ya try it. i was just wondering since all of the blemishes i've had in the last month they were considerably smaller and less frequent will it come to a point where it just stops all together?
  6. wow down to 1 whitehead in just over 2 months thats fucking incredible i just hope i get the same results as you. i dont think i have active acne anymore just frustrated with the dam red marks they take a while to go away
  7. sup alex i haven't used anything on my face for about a month and a week and there is no more oil, less breakouts but how long would it take to be clear on this?
  8. i have been doing the same thing as alexalmighty and i can tell you that he is right on. You are "definately" going to break out like he said but it is worth it because after about a week or 2 you start to clean up real fast. This has got to be the only thing that has ever worked for me.
  9. how much improvement did you see, was it worth it ?
  10. by the way i think alex is really on to something because i can remember when i was younger i would rarely ever take too much time cleaning my face and i didnt have 1 blemish. It's all a big conspiracy of these companies to keep you buying their shit and wasting your money for something that can be taken care without anything, unless you are genitcally programmed to get it. that sux
  11. does it matter how much water can touch your face throughout the day or does that strip the oil from your face?