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  1. so if i use botchlas reigmen then after the bp? should i wait like 15 - 20 mins or just right after it?
  2. whens the best time to use acv is it before or after bp? before sa? when, plz tell me thx
  3. 1. No more acne. 2. To kick the fucking shit out of all those assholes who called me names.
  4. Wouldn't you do whatever it takes?
  5. If you are still breaking out after following this diet STRICTLY for a week then it just doesn't work for you and you need to move on, no need to wait for a month, that was your fault.
  6. Im trying this, so let me get it straight, say I eat at 4PM then wait till 6 to drink water then eat at 8? but what about if i finish drinking water at 6:06 shouldnt i wait till 8:06?
  7. the way that works is because of some cleansers take to much oil and then your skin produces more and clogged pores and stuff etc happen by using warm and cold water for 2 weeks your leveling out your oil production and taking 90mg of zinc if your a guy helps to
  8. 1. i applied alot of vita k 2. i woke up 3. i looked in the mirror and saw one of my icepick scars got like bigger and outside i dont know if vita k helps with icepick scars but ill tell you guys if it helps me, its less noticeable than a scar now and prettier..
  9. isnt it better to just get a complex since if you have to much b5 then it can unbalance the other b vitamins and i heard it produces very oiley skin, so wouldnt it be better for me to get a b complex? and also while im typing, is omega 3 6 9 good for a healthy glow too?
  10. i applied some vita k with super vitamin k and overnight it looks much better than a scar, it looks like a zit, but ill let nature take its course and not touch it
  11. besides b5 what else can i take to control oil? how much of b5 should i take a day if i really have oil problems